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Whoa!! Rothschild Helicopter Crash!

This Will Leave Your Head Whirling

By Anna Von Reitz

Many centuries ago kings and prelates and businessmen kept their own stables of messengers who hand-carried information back and forth, either verbally or by written means, and these physical communication systems gradually developed into the Postal Services we know today--- and to this day, a postal service may either be public or private in nature.  

Benjamin Franklin was the owner of one of the first private postal services serving the public in America.  For a stated fee, his company would take your letter or box over the rough roads from Boston, Massachusetts, to Charleston, South Carolina, and guarantee its safe passage (insure it) so that you didn't have to make the journey yourself or send someone in your direct employment on this arduous errand. 

Postal Service at that time was cheaper than doing it yourself and arguably safer and often faster than what people could afford to do for themselves, so the idea caught on and the economic advantages of being able to bundle mail going to a specific destination provided the profit needed to spur growth. 

Franklin's initial service was fine enough for local service around the Boston area, but to thrive and maximize profit, he quickly realized that the most expeditious and safest routes had to be identified and that a survey evaluating various routes had to be conducted to firmly establish the preferred byways.  These then became known as "post roads"---- the routes by which the mail would be moved. 

The physical structures at the junctions of post roads where the mail was delivered became known as "post offices" and the traditions of both going to the post office to pick up the packages and letters sent "general delivery" to that geographic location and the expansion of service to home and " post box" delivery also expanded. 

Such designated post roads  and post offices had already existed for a long time in England and France and other European countries and so had special "sea lanes" designated for the transportation of mail and international cargos.  Franklin dreamed of the day when his postal service would be competent to take a letter from Boston to Paris, or from New York to Brussels---- but in order to do that, he would need to negotiate relationships with other postal services in those countries. 

So far we are just talking about private postal services: for-profit private companies that move letters and parcels and bulk cargo similar to UPS and DHL and Federal Express today.   

The idea of a national postal service provided by and guaranteed by the national government of each country as a public postal service was quickly becoming adopted as a result of the government's own need for it and also as a ongoing need of the postal services themselves.  In order to operate efficiently and responsibly, postal carriers needed firm ingress and egress treaties known as "postal treaties" allowing them to cross borders and move mail. 

Most people are aware that treaties between nations are the supreme form of law on planet Earth, other than ecclesiastical law.  

Treaties establish international law.  In the international jurisdiction, people do not exist; only offices (such as "Mister" and "Esquire" and "Lieutenant" and "General" and "Head of State" and "Queen") and things (such as vessels and cargo)  and "persons" (such as HAROLD V. MORGAN) exist in this jurisdiction.  

For treaties to be implemented there have to be "sea lanes" and "post roads" to communicate and allow both commerce and international trade.

What happens when one country (land) or nation (sea) decides that oh, ho, hum.... I want to be isolated (like North Korea)?  Well, for one thing, commerce and international trade are both adversely impacted, for another, communications are impaired.  The world ceases to operate in a integrated fashion.  

Getting the world to function in an integrated fashion in the first place has largely been the objective of the Postal Service, because in order to do its duty and provide its service, the postal services of the world must have access and free egress of the international sea lanes and the nationally designated post roads.  

Please underline the word "service", because that is what the "Postal Service" is supposed to be about---service to its customers,  even if it has been abused like other "services"--- the Military Services, the Police Services, the Banking Services, the US Marshals Service, and so on. 

It does not take advanced logic or rocket science to deduce the reason that all the various countries on earth and all their governments have "postal treaties" and that those treaties are among the most solemn contracts that nations enter into upon becoming part of the international community. 

To begin with, they cede a portion of their natural jurisdiction both on land and sea to create seats of government and post roads and post offices on the land, and sea lanes and safe harbors on the sea and sea coasts ---which are all necessary if the Postal Service is to be enabled to operate and deliver mail and cargo from one country to another.  

A seat of government must be established before a postal treaty can be negotiated with other countries--- and without a seat of government and a national government competent to negotiate it, postal services in America would remain very limited and very local in nature.  This in turn would, over time, cripple the American economy.  

The flow of goods and information is crucial to commerce and trade and as Franklin correctly foresaw, without embracing this next level of international organization and establishment of postal treaties, we'd be left behind as a permanently limited and parochial society, impaired in our ability to communicate and trade with the rest of the world.  

Franklin chose our fate for us and chose to connect America to the rapidly developing postal service grid.  

The first United States Postal Service established as a national public postal service under postal treaty with all the other member nations designated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as our seat of government, and so it remains to this day.  

This Post Office is owned and operated by The United States of America (Unincorporated) and includes the offices of the United States Postmaster (sea) and United States Post Master (land).  It flies the United State Civil Flag (vertical stripes) in peacetime, and still does, because these "United States" are at peace.

The Territorial United States Government also runs its Postal Service known as the U.S. Postal Service under the auspices of this seat of government and contains the offices of the United States Postmaster General (sea) and United States Post Master General (land).  This Postal Service flies the United States War Flag, the Stars and Stripes, because it has never ceased to be at war since the end of the so-called American Civil War. 

The Municipal United States Government has its separate seat of government in Washington, DC and its own postal service known as the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE or USPS, and the offices of the US POSTMASTER GENERAL and US POST MASTER GENERAL.  It also flies the war flag.  

Please notice that the duties of the Postmaster on the sea connect with the duties of the Post Master on the land in the institution of the Customs Houses which are international post offices maintained in Coastal Districts and ports of entry throughout the country.  

The Postal Service worldwide  overseen by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) creates a nearly contiguous world-spanning global network and the Postal Treaties control egress and ingress along the sea lanes and post roads in every country.  This overlooked and little-appreciated fact and the web of postal treaties supporting this global network and granting it land interests within every nation (Post Roads and Post Offices) gives rise to a clear and present danger that virtually all national governments have ignored. 

As, one by one, national governments have incorporated as for-profit business entities and as franchises created by the Roman Curia, they have lost their sovereignty.  

Even though nothing on the surface appears to have changed, the character of the government and its institutions has been radically changed and reduced to nothing more than a large number of money-grubbing service corporations intent on selling the largest number of services at the highest price.  They are not operating as true national governments anymore.  They are not sovereign entities and they are not owed sovereign immunity. 

The Universal Postal Union operating as an association of private national postal service organizations is operating as a sovereign entity.  It has land jurisdiction bequeathed to it, sea jurisdiction bequeathed to it, a seat of government in Switzerland.  

There's your new world government wrapped up with bow and waiting in the wings.  

The reply to this challenge to national sovereignty is for all the people around the world to do what we have done: wake up, shed the "incorporated" shell, and begin operating your own lawful land jurisdiction government again.  En masse.

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Sunday on the “Cats Roundtable” radio show on AM 970 in New York City, former White House chief strategist and Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon said Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his “cronies” would be run out of office by what he called “the grassroots deplorables.”

Bannon said, “Now that he’s afraid, now that he sees that the grassroots movement – whether it’s in Alabama or Arizona or Tennessee or Mississippi – is going to replace his cronies like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, now he’s scared, and now he’s trying to move more federal judges through the system and really trying to cleave to President Trump’s plan.”
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Urgent! Nina Sidorova: Attempt to assassinate me on November 18, 2017, at 6:06 PM by the leaders of the Organized Pedophile Satanic Crime Syndicate

Submitted to the DOJ, to the 50 FBI Headquarters, to Sheriffs' Office and to District Attorney Office of Santa Clara County:

Dear Friends!

Yesterday, on November 18, 2017, at 6:06 PM in the evening, the Organized Pedophile Satanic Crime Syndicate committed its attempt to assassinate me with Direct Energy Stealth Assassination Weapon that initiates a heart attack.

I was shot by the Direct Energy Stealth Assassination Weapon in the front of the Russian Orthodox Christian Cathedral at 6210 Geary Bld, San Francisco, CA when I went out after a special pray was finished.

The assassins were waiting for me. I believe that they were in the car across the street, or they shot me from a window of the building across the street.

You can watch on a video below how the organized crime syndicate and its assassins are murdering people by Direct Energy Stealth Assassination Weapons. 

                                       Watch a video below at 18:32, at 16:58, at 4:10, etc.
                              The Government's Covert Domestic Stealth Assassination Program

I had my purse with documents and a small purse in my hands. I tried to put my purses in the trunk of my car, as I do usually. I did not reach a car trunk; otherwise, I could fall down after being shot under the wheels of the passing cars on a busy San Francisco’s Street.

The assassins shot me when I opened the door of the car. The wild as a fire pain was in my heart, and I had a strong dizziness. I began to fall down… I kept a car door, and just could put the body in the car, but my legs were left outside the car...

When I fell, I only had time to tell loudly, “Archangel Michael”, addressing him... I just left the church where I prayed.

I lost consciousness, and I do not know how long I was unconscious. When I regained consciousness, the pain was in the whole body, and the fire was in my heart. Once again, I appeal to Archangel Michael...

A few minutes later, I began to see the light, my eyes began to see ... In the mirror, I saw a black car stopping behind my car, but I could not move...

I do not know how long I was in the car, and my legs were out of the car ... The inner voice said that I should return home ... I had strong dizziness, and the wild pain in my heart did not pass.

When I was able to move a little bit, I took the cellphone and left messages for two people, saying that the assassins shot me with the Direct Energy Stealth Assassination Weapon. I told where I was shot, and I listed the names of those who ordered this murder...  I  know that the FBI and NSA keep all phone calls in their system.

When I was able to see better, I turned on my car and drove home. It took 50 minutes…  Three times, I had almost black outs.  I was able to comeback home.  The strong pain is still in my head and my heart.

I could not call 911 because the Organized Pedophile Satanic Crime Syndicate hijacked California completely, and the medical hospitals under the supervision of the war-criminals who led this pedophile satanic crime syndicate. For example. I know what is going on in the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

On May 9, 2017, the same Organized Pedophile Satanic Crime Syndicate sent assassins who murdered my friend, a famous Russian historian and writer, Dr. Tatyana Tabolina, a daughter of Famous Russian Academician Vyacheslav Tabolin.

Dr. Tatyana Tabolina came to San Francisco to finish her eighteenth book. They murdered Dr. Tatyana Tabolina at the same place near the Russian Christian Cathedral on Geary Blvd. where these assassins shot me, and the assassins murdered this famous Russian writer with the same Direct Energy Stealth Assassination Weapon, which initiates heart attacks.

I still have strong pain, and I do not know what would happened with me.  Below, I list the names of the members of the Organized Pedophile Satanic Crime Syndicate, who ordered this assassination of me.  I believe that they sent assassins.  

I truly believe that Archangel Michael and the Saints to whom I appealed saved my life... 

With my Blessings,

Ms. Nina Sidorova,
President of the Northern California Tenant Association

The names of the criminals-members of the Organized Crime Syndicate, who repeatedly attack me. I believe that they are those, who order an assassination of me on November 18, 2017.

I repeat their names: 1) Head of the Housing Cartel of Northern California Matt Franklin;  2)Former Secretary of War, CIA Director and the Director of the Hunan Rights’ Government Department Leon Panetta; 3) Mr. Mike Sena, President of  a private criminal corporation, NATIONAL FUSION CENTER ASSOCIATION INC. (SCC ID 07179369), which US citizens call Gestapo in the USA; 4) Mayor of San Jose Sam Liccardo, 5) Former Presiding Judge Rise Pichon of the Santa Clara County Court;  6)   Extremely Corrupted Satanist Judge Carol Overton of Jewish Nationality of the Santa Clara County Court; 7) Judge Helen Williams of the Hall of Justice; 8)President of the Congregation Kol Emeth Synagogue Jeff Rosen aka District Attorney Rosen of Santa Clara County of California; 9) Chief of San Jose Police Ed Garcia, who has infiltrated and hijacked San Jose Police Department and Fusion Centers of the Santa Clara County with help of his friend Sam Liccardo; 10) Chief Garcia's crime partner--Phan Ngo, whom Ed Garcia and Sam Liccardo helped to be promoted to the position of the Chief of Sunnyvale Police Department; 11) High Level Fraud Attorney Todd Rothbard of  Jewish nationality, and some other members of the organized crime syndicate such as Police Officer Klien,  who are under supervision of Chief Garcia.

The Tent Cities of San Francisco


Ms. Nina Sidorova, President of the Northern California Tenant Association, "The Organised Pedophile

Satanic Crime Syndicate hijacked completely subsidized and other kinds of Housings  in California!"

 Friends, Americans! You can see below the photos of the "Heroes", members, of the Organised Pedophile Satanic Crime Syndicate, which hijacked the housing of the Northern California

Honorable Provost Marshals and Honorable Officials, please ignore possible grammar mistakes below. The organized crime syndicate and Israeli Mossad brought two criminals--Jewish terrorists to the Unit 89 at 900 Henderson Avenue, Sunnyvale CA, who commit cyber-attacks on my laptop, vandalize my emails and letters, and who steal and remove my documents.

The Franklin's Cover-up of California
Headquarter of the Franklin’s Housing Cartel of California locates at 303 Vintage
Park Drive, Suite 250. Foster City, CA 94404

Matt Franklin, Head of the Housing Cartel of Northern California,
who created for foreign bankers Criminal Franklin's Subsidized Housing System
The Headquarter of Franklin’s Housing Cartel locates at 303 Vintage Park Drive, Suite 250. Foster City, CA 94404

In 2015, one of the Franklin’s employees, Shorebreeze Manager Marty Ray, identified Matt Franklin, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Leon Panetta as Satanists and Pedophiles.  Two former FBI agents supported her statements. 
Read more detailed information below.



ARREST Leon Panetta  WATCH AT 1:35 Panetta wants to destryed Russia  WATCH AT 0:29



Crypto-Jesuit Leon Panetta of Jewish and Italian nationality is one of the Clinton's Friends. Leon Panetta is a graduate from Jesuit Santa Clara University.  According to the testimony of Ms. Marty Ray (read below) and two former FBI agents, Leon Panetta, Panetta's long term friend, Head of Housing Cartel of Northern California Matt Franklin, and Crypto--Jesuit  Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose, are pedophiles and satanists.

Leon Panetta is closely connected with a Head of Housing Cartel of Northern California Matthew Franklin, and both of them were declaring repeatedly that they were working closely with the Clintons. They sent messages to the FBI and others Intelligence officers, warning them that they would be murdered as other Clinton’s “body bags” if they would try to stop these two war criminals, monsters.  Please, check in my document The Housing Cartel of California, which banks own all of the Mountain View and most of the N. Californian low income apartment complexes.  War Criminal Panetta receives each month money from these banks.  This is why War Criminal Panetta, and Head of Khazarian Jewish Housing Cartel Matt Franklin request mafia to put civilians, such as I am, on DAPRA's military experimentations.

Leon Panetta is one of the major war criminals, who put innocent law-abiding Californians on a killing list- DAPRA's experimentation list, after which the private corporation, Fusion Centers with their recruits--terrorists and Military Fascist Corporation Lockheed Martin  murder these innocent US citizens by Direct Energy and microwave weapons.  Fascist Corporation Lockheed Martin belongs to the Vanguard, which is owned by the foreign bankers of the Khazarian Jewish Mafia. 

FBI Agents! City of Monterrey...   L. Panetta and M. Franklin! Check City of Monterrey...

I state to all Intelligence agents that War Criminal Leon Panetta; Mayor of San Jose Sam Liccardo; former Presiding Judge Rise Pichon; Judge Carol Overton of Santa Clara County Court; Judge Helen Williams of the Hall of Justice; President of the Congregation Kol Emeth Synagogue Rosen aka District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Chief of San Jose Police Ed. Garcia, who infiltrated and hijacked San Jose Police Department and Fusion Centers of this area with help of his friend Sam Liccardo, and Chief Garcia's crime partner--Phan Ngo, whom Ed Garcia and Sam Licardo helped to be promoted to the position of the Chief of Sunnyvale Police Department, and some other members of the organised crime syndicate whose names you can find below are tied with  Pedophile Satanic Network, and they participate in genocide of US civilians...  
Below are the names of the four judges of the Santa Clara County Court, who already committed and continue to commit now serious crimes and brigandage against residents of the Santa Clara County of California.  All four of them are graduated from Jesuit Santa Clara University, and they were quickly and successfully promoted.

The Jesuits chose them for a reason.

New Report to U.N. Special Rapporteur Blasts Secret U.S. Torture Network

In December 2016: “A groundbreaking report just released to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture by the activist organization ITHACA reveals the existence of a massive, secret imprisonment and torture system that targets tens of thousands of Americans each year.

Some have estimated it yields annual profits upwards of $40-billion annually to the perpetrators." 

Once again: Annual Profits Upwards of $40-billion annually to the perpetrators!

This report explains that the

The Secret U.S. Torture Network  is protected by a fearsome network of judges, attorneys and other court officers, court-appointed guardians, law enforcement, APS social workers, psychologists and medical personnel.”

Below and Above are the names and photos of the Judges and other members of the Secret Pedophile Satanic Crime Syndicate of the Northern California:

1. Judge Carol Overton of Santa Clara County Court received a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law—Jesuit University
2. Former Presiding Judge Rise Pichon of Santa Clara County Court received a bachelor's degree from Jesuit Santa Clara Clara University in 1973 and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law—Jesuit University.

3. Helen E. Williams is a Judge for the Superior Court of Santa Clara County in California  received her J.D.from Santa Clara University School of Law—Jesuit University.
4. Derrick Woodhouse is a Judge of Superior Court of Santa Clara County who received his J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law—Jesuit University
5. High Level Fraud- Jew-Attorney Todd Rothbard received his J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law—Jesuit University.  Dangerous Jewish Satanist and Criminal Todd Rothbard is guilty in money grubbing, stealing properties, illegally evicting and destroying lives of many residents of the Northern California. I was one, who four times exposed this Jewish Fraud and Satanist in ht courts, after which his fraudulent lawsuits were dismissed.    
I helped tenants of Shorebreeze subsidized apartment complex. The Funders are below, and one of the funders is Bank of America - construction loan owned by the Jesuits.

Shorebreeze Apartment Complex owned by MP Shoreline Associates:
Funders:Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance - tax credit investor • Tax-exempt bonds • Comerica - credit enhancement •City of Mountain View CDBG/HOME • Bank of America - construction loan

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo,
a crypto-Jesuit, and a Vatican's protege of Mexican/Jewish nationality, who connected to the violent anti-American Hate Group-the National Council of La Raza, members of which preach severe racism, including violence, against anyone who is non-Hispanic.  The National Council of La Raza - Spanish for “The Race” — is a hate group with over 300 affiliate organizations!

In Part I, I already showed to you what kinds of abuses of non-Hispanic citizens crypto-Jesuit  Liccardo and his long term partner, Ed Garcia, whom Liccardo nominated as Chief of San Jose Police initiated and monitored in San Jose. This is one example of these abuses:
Decoding Satan

                                                      Sam Liccardo Mayor of San Jose... Jesuit

in 2015, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo spoke at the Vatican Symposium about affordable housing as ‘a solution to Silicon Valley's chasmic gap between rich and poor.”  He explained how San Jose government is helping homeless and low-income

people. Mr. Liccardo actively participates in the Franklin Affordable Criminal Housing System. 

At the Vatican Symposium, Mayor Liccardo stated to Pope Francis,

“…Of course, thousands of homeless remain, and we have much work to do. But if the College of Cardinals can be blessed with the providential boldness to elect a Jesuit Pope, surely we can find the inspiration to end homelessness in our lifetimes.” 

Honorable Officials,

Dear Friends,

San Jose Mayor Liccardo, a graduate of the Jesuit Georgetown University, is lying, as usually, lying!  Even the President of   the Police Union, Sergeant Jim Unland, offered San Liccardo to stop lying.

I state to you, Honorable Officials, and I will send my letter to the Vatican, to Pope Francis, stating that the 'election of a Jesuit Pope' never would “end homelessness in our lifetimes” or homelessness in San Jose or Santa Clara County of California,  particularly.  Before, I start my explanation and description of  the supporting facts, I want to mention next:

San Jose Mayor Liccardo was an average student of the Jesuit Georgetown University.

Please, listen to me, an "A" student of the Jesuit Santa Clara University!

Yes, an "A" student of the Jesuit University, whose education the Jesuits stopped one semester before my graduation by stealing my student loans and by creating for me obstacles for registering for the classes.  According to the letters that the Jesuits of this university sent to me after each semester, I was one of the ten percent (10%) best students of their Jesuit University. I can show these letters to you if necessary. I had straight “As” for all of my classes.

However, the Jesuits decided that my talent and my abilities, which professors consider as unique,  would be in the future a potential ‘Threat’ for the Jesuit New World Order. The Jesuits paid me complements about my educational achievements, and at the same time, they forced tied with them corrupted officials such as Sam Liccardo to attack me and to put me on a killing list, after which mean and dishonest two faced Jesuits stopped my education.  If you want supporting evidence, please read my article on a website of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, and review my transcripts and the letters, which attached to the article and which the Jesuits sent me. Young students and some professors of this university paid a lot of complements to me, stating the that the Jesuits are respect me a lot... These professors and young students did not know that two faced Jesuits prepared a satanic ritual sacrifice of me, exactly as they did to many other professors and students, whom the Jesuit and their satanic pedophile network considered as being a potential threat for NWO aka JWO. I believe that at this time the Jesuits did not expect a worthy response to them from me, a simple woman, one of their best students...

Franklin’s Criminal Affordable Housing System

Therefore, Ms. Nina Sidorova, an "A" student of the Jesuit University, states to Pope Francis and to you, Honorable Officials.


The end of homelessness in San Jose and in Santa Clara County of California could be achieved very quickly, in seven or eight months (I can submit financial calculations), if the Vatican's Jesuits and a Jesuit Pope will STOP money-grubbing US Budget and subsidized housing funds through the banks owned by the Jesuits. One of these banks is the Bank of America!

The Vatican Jesuits also should stop supporting a Criminal Housing Cartel of California, in which they participate actively, and a part of which they owned.  

The Vatican Jesuits should stop allowing the criminal Housing Cartel of the Northern California led by Matt Franklin to place on monthly pay lists of the Housing Cartel corrupted:
a) Officials, including City Mayors and consuls and HUD Leaders
b) Corrupted police leaders such as a gangster, Chief of San Jose Police Ed Garcia and his crime partner—Chief of Sunnyvale Police Phan Ngo
c) Leaders of the Fusions Centers, which Americans call Gestapo in the USA and some corrupted Intel Agents.
d) Doctors of mental hospitals and facilities who help mafia to accuse honest, brave and healthy Americans, including whistle-blowers, as being mentally ill.

Please, check my next email. I will support my statements, and I will show to you the accounts from which the Housing Cartel pays monthly to the corrupted officials and gangsters, who have infiltrated police of Santa  Clara County of Mexifornia.

Can you imagine?

The Franklin Housing Cartel owned by foreign bankers uses Franklin's Subsidized Housing System, which allows money-grub US Budget, steals money from We The People and distribute a part of the stolen funds to rogue police leaders, Intel agents, corrupted city and country mayors and councils and doctors of mental hospitals, after which these paid by a cartel officials, police chiefs and doctors attack, money grub, torture and murder innocent US citizens, whom satanic, pedophile bankers, leaders of the Housing Cartel and the Jesuits placed on a killing list.  

I will send to you a separate report, which is more detailed, and which describes better the Franklin’s Criminal Affordable Housing System.  The FBI and the International Criminal Tribunals have my 2015 reports, Housing of Northern California (Part 1 and part II), in which I described Franklin’s Criminal Affordable Housing System. In these reports, I also showed financial accounts, from which corrupted city mayors, such as Sam Liccardo, corrupted city and county consuls, and corrupted leaders of police are paid monthly by the Franklin’s Housing Cartel.

You can alternatively ask the FBI to show my reports.

The FBI knows about this without my reports, but they do not want to become Clinton’s Body Bags.  Since 2008 to 2016, Head of Housing Cartel Franklin blackmailed FBI Agents and other honest law-enforcement agents by repeatedly stating during each of his speeches and interviews that he was working ‘under Clinton’.   This was his exact statement…

This is how my conflict with the Franklin's Housing Cartel started: In 2009, the low-income elderly tenants of Mountain View, California, contacted me and sincerely requested my assistance because they did not have cold and hot water during FOUR DAYS in their three stories building of Shorebreeze Apartment Complex.

They pledged my attention and requested my help because not only absence of cold and hot water but other unspeakable incidents have arisen, such as rodents, rats entering the apartments through damaged screens, homeless people using the building as a refuge, vagrants gaining access to the building’s laundry room and leaving empty wine bottles, theft of tenants’ outgoing mail and personal belongings, human feces left in the hallways and on the escalator for days, overflowing garbage dumpsters, unlocked storage areas, potentially harmful chemical stored on the premises, etc. 

As I stated above, I contacted the FBI, all level of the officials, HUD, Senator Diane Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer. However, nobody helped.

I used every possible method to solve occurred problems peacefully with a Housing Cartel and its Head Matt Franklin. I sent FORTY FIVE (45) certified mail letters to the Head of Housing Cartel Franklin, describing abuses of elderly people, violations of their Fair Housing Rights, and I requested to fix everything and to solve occurred problems peacefully.

However, Head of Housing Cartel Franklin sent to me his top managers, who blackmailed me and threatened me, stating that Matt Franklin worked ‘under the Clintons’.

I contacted Head of Cartel Franklin and his top managers, and I verbally and in writing told them,  "I am not the FBI Agent, and I do not care under whom Head of Cartel Franklin worked and under whom his is working now…”  I requested Mr. Franklin to fix immediately (IMMEDIATELY!) water supply and to repair everything that must be repaired in this apartment complex.  I requested him to stop immediately (IMMEDIATELY!) abuses of elderly tenants.

However,  Mr. Franklin sent a gang of the mercenaries of Private Corporation Fusion Centers (NAFC) led in Northern California by Mr. Franklin's friend, Mike Sena,  Mossad Agents, corrupted tied with mafia police officers, and  the members of anti-American Violent Hate Latino Gang La Raza to attack me and torture me.

I took my 'legal actions' against Head of Housing Cartel Franklin and his gang, too...  It took for me about one year, but I forced the Satanic Criminal Syndicate of Bankers and its Housing Cartel to fix all tenants’ apartments, to normalize water supply, to put new roof, new asphalt, to build a new place for gathering garbage, etc.   

However, what is the most important; I forced Head of Cartel Franklin and working with him criminals, abusers of elderly tenants, to stop all abuses of senior tenants and forced them to treat senior tenants with respect and integrity!

Senior tenants of Shorebreeze Apartment Complex considered this being a miracle when a criminal housing cartel not only fixed everything but hired specialists to work with low-income senior tenants, scheduled yoga-moga and other health classes for them, scheduled tenants’ trips on buses to museums and to art galleries.    

The managers of the Housing Cartel invited me to each of the senior health classes and other events in order to stop my complaints to you-My Dear Friends, to Honorable Officials, to human rights organizations and to the International Criminal Tribunals.

They also fixed everything in order to stop me from "'shaking their feeding troughs", from which they ‘feed’ corrupted officials and police officers.

                                      The Giant Pig Trough
                                                                                                             Money stolen from US budget

In January 2015, the Jesuits helped Mr. Sam Liccardo to become a Mayor of the City of San Jose, after which the San Jose became a crime scene, and the residents of San Jose faced the level of brigandage and lawlessness that they never had before…

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo should tell the truth at the Vatican Symposium about Franklin's Affordable Housing System and his role in this criminal housing cartel. 

This is NOT a solution for homeless people. The Franklin's Affordable Housing System is a solution for Vatican, for Foreign Bankers, for Mayors such as Sam Liccardo, for Head of Cartel Franklin, for his Friends-- the Clintons and Bushes, for corrupted officials, leaders of police and for the members of the pedophile satanic network. 
The Franklin Housing System not only money grubs US Budget but creates ‘New American Slaves’ from low income tenants. Check my 2015 report.

The Franklin Housing System system uses tenants ‘children and women of subsidized apartments of California to create pornography of naked children and women by placing hidden cameras in bathrooms and inserting cameras in fire alarms, which mercenaries of the Fusion Centers, Mossad and Garcia's recruits--members of the violent anti-American Hate Group--the National Council of La Raza installed in subsidized apartments and other apartments of unaware tenants of the Northern Mexifornia.

Alternatively, you can always interview a former Police Officer of the City Mountain Kevin Nguyen who is now in jail for children's pornography. He can describe to you who and how install hidden video cameras in low-income tenants’ apartments to videotape naked children and women in bathrooms.  Former Police Officer Nguyen was screaming when he was arrested, stating that Jewish/Mexican mafia made him a scapegoat, while the leaders of Mountain View police and Fusion Center are the most dangerous pedophiles. I believe him!

                                  This is the photo of former Police Officer Nguyen that was taken after his arrest

You look below at one of the video-cameras, which Garcia's recruits inserted in my daughter house to take photos of little children when they are undressed.  I can send the photos of other hidden video-cameras, which pedophile-satanist Garcia and his Mexican criminals-recruits inserted in my daughter's house.  

Why Mayor of San Jose Liccardo, a graduate of the Jesuit University, did not tell at the Vatican Symposium about this ‘particular solution’, which Franklin’s Housing System offered to the pedophiles? 

In 2015, during my meeting with a Shorebreeze Manager, I warned Shorebreze Manager Marty Ray that she would be jailed for her participation with criminals in murders of four innocent senior tenants of this apartment complex.

Shorebreeze Manager Ray told me that she would laugh even being in jail, remembering how they were suffering while dying, which was videotaped. I was shocked.

Ms. Marty Ray is a stench creature… She looks like one hundred (100) years-old; however, she has her ID, which shows that she is only forty (40) years-old.  

I looked at her eyes, ordering her strictly to tell me immediately, who installed hidden video cameras in fire-alarm devices, and who were watching deaths of the senior tenants, whom mafia and Mountain View Fusion Centers murdered by Direct Energy and microvawe weapons.

When I needed the truth from Manager Ray, I always looked at her eyes and ordered her strictly to tell me the truth immediately.  Ms. Ray always became almost hysteric when I look at her eyes, stating that she would answer me, but she asked me not to look at her eyes.  I do not know why my sight scared her, but I agreed, after which I questioned her.

Ms. Ray answered me, describing horrific evidence of Satanism and war crimes, committed against tenants of the Northern California. I have a witness (a Cartel employee) who attested a first part of my conversation with Manager Marty Ray. I submitted my report to the FBI in 2015. Check my reports.

I requested Ms. Ray to pose me.  I told her that I needed to take a few photos of her. Ms. Ray asked why, and I told her that I would make her famous. This stench creature agreed, but she asked me to wait until she would take her new purse because she wanted her in the photos, which would make her famous, to be with her new purse. I agreed. 

                                          Below are the photos of Ms. Marty Ray, who according to her ID is forty years-old. 

40 years-old Shorebreeze Manager Marty Ray, who identified Head of Housing Cartel Matt Franklin
and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo as being Satanists and Pedophiles

One more Evidence of How the Pedophiles of the Santa Clara County Take Photos of Naked People in Bathrooms.

Please read how the pedophile network and police-pedophiles take photos of naked adults and children at bathrooms, after which watching these photos during their pedophiles’ meetings and distribute to the pedophiles. 

This evidence shows what Gangster Police Chief Garcia with his crime partner Police Cheif Ngo and with his Mexican/Jewish boss-Mayor Liccardo commit on regular basis in the City of San Jose.

In January 2017, Corrupted Police Chiefs, Garcia and Ngo, forced Management of the Ranchero Mobil Home Park where I resided to evict me...  I rented a room at 4850 Hamilton Avenue, Apartment 11, San Jose, CA 95130. 

I a few days after I moved to a new place, two new Garcia’s Latino recruits of anti-American violent gang La Raza, Ms. Sharon Demay and Manager Lucy Sanchez, explained me that in a few days one more tenant would move to a little room of this dirty two-bedroom apartment.  Ms. Demay, who is a main tenant of this apartment, told that she would sleep in the corner in a living room.

Ms. Demay explained me that this man is Very, Very Rich, and I must be very friendly with him, after which my live would be changed for better. I laughed... I asked Ms. Demay why she did not want to have a rich boyfriend of her age but offered him to me…

In two days, the new ‘RICH’ tenant (a pedophile) moved to next room. I stopped immediately all his attempts for ‘friendship’ and his desire to communicate with me.  The pedophile was sending data to the Vanguard’s satellite, which attacks and tortures Targeted Individuals, and this pedophiles attacked me with Direct Energy weapons from his room.

I offer you to look at unique photos below because Chief Garcia and a criminal pedophile network removed all of these photos from my laptop and from my memory sticks several times. The last time, this was one day ago.

They even kidnapped me on July 12, 2017 and tortured me in jail for one day in order to take my purse, my laptops and to remove all of the photos and important documents, which exposed them.

Today, I was able to recover these photos again… Please look at the ‘rich’ pedophile, whom Satanists brought to the Apartment 11, 4850 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose after I moved to this apartment. 

Look at his ‘dog’s bed’.  This ‘Very, Very Rich man’ slept on the floor like a dog on two dirty blankets.

The Satanists inserted a hidden camera in a bathroom of this apartment in order to take photos of me. Of course, I noticed a hidden camera, and I turned off the light in a bathroom, taking shower in a dark room. The pedophile immediately came to the door of the bathroom and started knocking… I told to a pedophile that I would call police…

In the evening, Ms. Sharon Demay told me that she would evict me if I would take shower in a dark room. I asked her how she knows that I turned light off. She did not respond. The pedophile was angry. I continued taking shower after I turned lights off.

In two days, I received a three days’ eviction notice, after which I was evicted.  In my eviction, notice two foolish Garcia’s Latino La Raza's recruits, Ms. Demay and Manager Sanchez of the of the Westgate Living Apartment Complex, wrote that I was evicted because I turned lights off while being in bathroom.  If necessary, I can show this eviction notice to you. My deposit was stolen, as well.

In other words, I did not allow pedophiles of the Santa Clara County of Mexifornia to take my photos in a bathroom, after which I was evicted. Can you imagine how many people-tenants do not know what is going on, and how many photos of their naked children and them pedophiles took and submitted these photos to the satanic pedophile network? 

This is how a pedophile of Santa Clara County looks.
Once again, you can easily find his name:

He was a tenant at 4850 Hamilton Avenue, Apartment 11, San Jose, CA 95130 in January 2017,
and can submit a photo of his car. Look at the bed of a 'rich man'.

                    Three computers and other devises to submit data to the Vanguard' Satellite 

Many members of a violent anti-American Hate Group--the National Council of La Raza, who are  so-called recruits, are working for a Housing Cartel. They attack, money grub, torture and murder innocent tenants of the Northern California.  These 'recruits' were hired by rogue police leaders such as a Gangster-Chief of San Jose  Police Garcia and his crime partner, Chief Ngo.

If you need supporting information, let me know. I can submit to you names of the Mexican sadists-Garcia's recruits with thier addresses and the list with names of their victims, including those innocent residents of this county, whom they already murdered.

“What has gone largely unreported,” the news site said, “is that Police Chief Eddie Garcia is affiliated with the far left group La Raza.”

In the photo below Chief of San Jose Police Garcia with his two future La Raza's recruits, whom he chose to recruit in the future to torture and to slowly murder the residents of the Santa Clara County and children of these residents. These recruits, many of whom are members of the Mexican Drug Gang Nortenos, are targeting especially violently the White population of the Santa Clara County.

 If Honorable Officials want to see Chief Garcia's present acting Mexican recruits--murderers, please visit the Unit 9A, Unit 88, Unit 10, Unit 89 and Unit 15 at 900 Henderson Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA. 

Why San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo did not tell at the Vatican Symposium how his long-term friend-Police Chief Garcia hires Mexican recruits, including members of the Mexican Drug Gang Nortenos, “TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMS”  for the tenants of Santa Clara County?

Sam Liccardo should explain it honestly to Jesuit Pope Francis. 

A recent Twitter post from Garcia’s site shows him in a photograph, his arms around two young people, beneath the text: “At La Raza Roundtable meeting with two future recruits!!”  

Below in the picture Chief Garcia is with his crime collaborate-Chief of Sunnyvale Police Phan Ngo, an immigrant from Vietnam.
Chief Ngo sends Gangsters-Mexican “recruits” to torture, money grub, harass and slowly murder with radiation 71 years-old US Veteran John Bardes. For example, only for ten days in September and October 2017, Garcia's and Ngo's Mexican La Raza's recruits vandalized house and vandalized three times a car of US Veteran Bardes, after which this desperate 71 years-old US Veteran paid $ 1725 to fix his car and house.  This amount is more than his whole monthly pension.

US Veteran Bardes not only served our country during the war, but this Hero raised by himself two adapted little children after his wife died from cancer.  Now, two police Gangsters, Garcia and Ngo, are money grubbing him, torturing and slowly murdering him with DE weapons. They receive money for their crimes from the Housing Cartel, and I explained you above that owners of the Franklin's Housing Cartel----foreign bankers are stealing these money from US budget, from We The People--tax payers.

There are Gangsters, Chief Phan Ngo and Chief Ed Garcia.


Head of Housing Cartel Franklin doubled and almost tripled prices for old and dirty subsidized apartments.  The HUD is silent because the leaders of HUD are on monthly pay lists of the Franklin’s Housing Cartel.  I already showed the financial accounts, from which HUD's leaders receive monthly stolen from US tax-payers money.   Witnessing that the Franklin Housing Cartel doubled and tripled prices for cartel's old and dirty subsidized apartments, the owners other apartment complexes did the same, after which the number of homeless people war skyrocketing in California.  

Dear Friends, this is how the prices for 1 BEDROOM Apartment in San Francisco and other cities of N. California became $4,500 PER MONTH! 

The part below will be finished in a few days...

Anything what is expensive, including jewelry, can be stolen from low-income tenants, and Police leaders such as Ed. Garcia and Phan Ngo, would stop any investigations. 

The corrupted police officers, mercenaries of the Fusion Centers, Mossad, trained by Mossad members of GADNA. or Garcia’s recruits-members of a violent anti-American Hate Group--the National Council of La Raza can steal anything they want from low-income tenants. For example, they stole all expensive Jewelry and some other belongs not only from me, but they stole twice all expensive things from my daughter’s family. Of course, San Jose Police did not investigate although reports were filed.

Please, check my 2012 report to the FBI about money drubbing and stealing expensive things from low-income tenants of Shorebreeze Apartments Mountain View, CA. I suggest you to check Valentina Kulinich’s Mountain View police case…

The police criminals and police recruits use hidden cameras to spy and watch where tenants hide their Jewry and money in their subsidized apartments, after which they police recruits open apartments by keys and steal tenants’ belongs.  Head of the Housing Cartel Franklin created an illegal document, in which Mr. Franklin and his managers, many of whom are members of the organised crime syndicate, require low-income tenants to report if they have extensive jewelry, pictures, collection of coins post stamps, etc., after which Garcia's recruits--members of Latino violent Gang  La Raza ties with Mexcain and latino Drug Cartels entered people's apartments and steal their expensive things.  The stolen jewelry with diamonds, the members of La Raza and Drug Gang Nortenos deliver to their police, fusion, and Mossad bosses.  Please, arrest and ask Maintenance Francisco and Maintenance Reyes of the Shorebreeze Apartment  Complex of the City of Mountain View, CA. I will submit their full names and the names of other La Raza's members who would immediately support my statement and tell you everything if you arrest them. Еhey are not only thieves but also are very cowardly people...

I will describe to you later how ‘poor foreign bankers’—owners of subsidized apartment complexes receive free money-grants to fix their dirty subsidized apartments. I am not kidding. FREE GRANTS for ‘poor bankers of the Federal Reserve' and other foreign bankers are a big part of the Franklin’s Affordable Housing System.  San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo refused to inform people at Vatican Symposium how the Franklin’s Housing System helps "poor bankers" of the Federal Reserve and other banks, including the banks that owned by the Vatican!

Of course, one of the most important part of the Franklin’s Affordable Housing System is organized distribution of drugs-narcotics. I will describe it tomorrow to you.

I also will describe how the Franklin’s Affordable Housing System punish “new American slaves” if they would protest against slavery, pedophiles, who video-taped their naked children, or would confront corrupted police leaders such as Chief Garcia or , Chief Ngo, requesting to conduct investigation and to bring to justice thieves of their belongs…

I will describe many other parts of the Franklin’s Affordable Housing System, which San Jose Mayor Liccardo refused to address at the Vatican Symposium…  Crypto-Jesuit and Racist Sam Licardo, do you need my help to complete your report to Vatican? How about examples-lawsuits of Santa Clara County Court?

Dear Friends, I will send to you a separate report, which is more detailed, about Franklin’s Affordable Housing System.  The FBI and the International Criminal Tribunals have my 2015 reports, Housing Cartel of Northern California (Part 1 and part II), in which I described Franklin’s Criminal Affordable Housing System. I also showed financial accounts, from which corrupted city mayors, such as Sam Liccardo, corrupted city and county consuls, and corrupted leaders of police are paid monthly by the Franklin’s Housing Cartel.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo lies about the solutions for low- income tenants for affordable housing that he sees in the Franklin's’ Affordable Housing System. I wrote above that I can help him to create a proper honest report and his address to Vatican and We The People of the USA!  I can describe many other parts of the Franklin’s Affordable Housing System, which San Jose Mayor Liccardo refused to address at the Vatican Symposium…

Sam Liccardo's policies have driven over 400 honest police officers to leave the

police force

SJPOA Releases TV/Web Commercial In Mayor's Race
"A San Jose Crime Quiz"

Today, the San Jose Police Officers Association is releasing "A San Jose Crime Quiz" in response to the evasive and inaccurate information coming from the Sam Liccardo for Mayor Campaign. This is a quiz we know voters will not flunk.

"There were three mayoral debates this week and not once did Sam Liccardo take responsibility for his dismal voting record on public safety, and this commercial accurately tells the voters the facts," said Jim Unland, President of the SJPOA.

• Sam Liccardo voted against reinstating the Burglary Investigation Unit,[1]

• Sam Liccardo has overseen 911 emergency response times soar to over 20-minutes for priority 2 calls such as gang assaults, in-progress burglaries and domestic violence,[2]

• Sam Liccardo's policies have driven over 400 police officers to leave the police force.[3]

I submit a report that is not finished yet because I do not know what would happen with me even in one or two hours. Police Gangster Garcia and his boss, Crypto-Jesuit Liccardo, sent criminals-murderers to attack me!

On November 18, 2017 at 6:06 PM, in the front of  the Russian Orthodox Christian Cathedral at Geary Bld and 26th Avenue, the attempt to assassinate me took place.  I was shot by a DE weapon, which initiates heart attacks.

 Watch a video below at 18:32, at 16:58, at 4:10, etc.
I showed to you above what kind of the government required to murder US citizens...  They are the war criminals, pedophiles and thieves, such as those whose photos I posted above and whose names I listed above. The Lockheed Martin that belongs to the military industrial complex gave these criminals this kind of DE Stealth Assassination weapons.

The Government's Covert Domestic Stealth Assassination Program

I truly believe that the Saints and Archangel Michael helped me to survive...  While falling down being shot, I appealed to them...

Respectfully submitted a report, which is not finished yet
Nina Sidorova

Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! 2200 Marines! US Marines Storm the CIA Headquarters in Langley

Rumor Mill News Agents Forum
Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! 2200 Marines! US Marines Storm the CIA Headquarters in Langley
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 19-Nov-2017 12:35:10
Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! 2200 Marines! US Marines Storm the CIA Headquarters in Langley

FILE PHOTO: Tilt-Rotor Aircraft

Reports are beginning to surface that a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) landed at Langley on Saturday.

A Marine expeditionary unit (MEU, pronounced "Mew"), is the smallest Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) in the United States Fleet Marine Force. Each MEU is an expeditionary quick reaction force, deployed and ready for immediate response to any crisis, whether it be natural disaster or combat missions.

A Marine expeditionary unit is normally composed of: a reinforced Marine infantry battalion (designated as a Battalion Landing Team) as the ground combat element, a composite medium tiltrotor squadron forms the aviation combat element, a combat logistics battalion provides the logistics combat element, and a company-size command element serves as the MEU headquarters group.

Troop strength is about 2,200 and usually commanded by a colonel, and is deployed from amphibious assault ships. Currently, a Marine expeditionary unit embarks Marines and equipment onto the amphibious warfare ships of an Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) which also includes escort ships and submarines to protect them from air, surface, and submarine threats. For further protection and strong air support, such an ESG is often deployed along with one or more carrier battle groups.

According to persons who reside near Langley, a large contingent of Marines arrived at CIA Headquarters in tilt-rotor aircraft and when the Marines deplaned, they were armed and moved quickly into CIA Headquarters!
Those witnesses also say that a significant number of tilt-rotor aircraft can be clearly seen on the grounds of CIA Headquarters, parked on the grass around the building.

This is not normal.
Never before has anything like this ever been seen taking place at CIA Headquarters and speculation is now running rampant as to what is actually taking place.

Conspiracy Theorists are claiming the President of the United States is moving to take out rogue elements in the Intelligence Community, at the request of his new CIA Director. It is rumored that these rogue elements have been undermining the Administration since before it took office last January, and may be connected to some well publicized "incidents" which suddenly resumed taking place this year, (mass shootings / violent protests) after a brief respite once the Obama Administration left office.
Moreover, there is not one word of Marines landing at Langley, appearing in _any_ US mass-media outlet.

The number of SEALED INDICTMENTS presently on US District Court Dockets across the United States has reached an astonishing 1800 as of Friday, November 17. These Sealed Indictments began appearing on US District Court Dockets on October 31.

There have never been this many Sealed Indictments showing on federal court Dockets at the same time . . . ever.

The existence of so many sealed Indictments has lead others to suggest that large groups of federal officials - perhaps including elected officials - are facing mass arrest over a number of corruption-related activities such as "pay-to-play" the UraniumOne conspiracy, Pedophile Rings and other criminal activities, and these troops may be needed to keep order once the high officials start being taken under arrest!

This is especially interesting given revelations late last week, that an FBI Informant allegedly has VIDEO of Clinton Foundation people being given suitcases full of cash from Russians, prior to the approval of the UraniumOne deal which sold twenty percent of US Uranium manufacturing to Russia's state-owned ROSATOM corporation.

The existence of video showing cash payoffs has sent a slew of people from the former Administration into fits of anxiety that their schemes are uncovered and many of them are going to prison for what they did. Desperate people can sometimes do desperate things and if those people are high-ranking federal officials, God only knows what they might have in the works to try to save themselves.

This is a developing story. Updates will be made as information becomes available.

Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! 2200 Marines!

Gen. Stubblebine on 9/11 -"OH MY GOD!!!!"

Saturday, November 18, 2017

CONFIRMED: Marines Land At Langley To Stop Coup - Hillary Worried Over I...

89-Year-Old WW II Veteran Cries "Help I Can’t Breathe": Nurses Laugh & Watch Him Die

Incredible video has been released that shows Atlanta nurses laughing at a World War II veteran as he struggles to breathe and finally dies.
The video of one of the nurse's deposition, along with changing her story after she was shown hidden camera video of what actually took place in the veteran's room is shown courtesy of

The incident occurred at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in 2014.

In the video deposition, former nursing supervisor Wanda Nuckles tells Mike Prieto, the attorney for the family of 89-year-old James Dempsey, who was a decorated World War II veteran from Woodstock, Georgia, how she rushed in to Dempsey’s room when she was alerted that he had stopped breathing.

Prieto: “From the time you came in, you took over doing chest compressions…correct?”

Nuckles : “Yes.”

Prieto: “Until the time paramedics arrive, you were giving CPR continuously?”
Nuckles : “Yes.”

However, the undercover video shows no one doing CPR and that Nuckles did not immediately start performing CPR on Mr. Dempsey.

“Sir, that was an honest mistake,” said Nuckles in the deposition. “I was just basing everything on what I normally do.”

The nursing home that Dempsey was living in attempted to stop 11Alive from obtaining the video footage.


89-year-old James Dempsey was a decorated World War II veteran from Woodstock, Georgia. He deserved better far greater care than he got.

They asked a DeKalb County judge to keep the video sealed and then attempted to appeal to the Georgia State Supreme Court. The judge ruled in favor of 11Alive and the nursing home eventually dropped its appeal to the state’s highest court.

The video includes almost six hours of video court deposition from a nursing supervisor explaining how she responded to the patient before she knew the hidden camera video existed. The video shows a completely different response.

The video shows the veteran calling for help six times before he goes unconscious while gasping for air. State records show nursing home staff found Dempsey unresponsive at 5:28 am. It took almost an hour for the staff to call 911 at 6:25a.m.

When a different nurse does respond, she fails to check any of his vital signs. Nuckles says she would have reprimanded the nurse for the way she responded to Dempsey. She called the video “sick.”

When nurses had difficulty getting Dempsey’s oxygen machine operational during, you can hear Nuckles and others laughing.

Seriously, this is a despicable way to treat a veteran, or any other human being for that matter.

Perhaps, in all of our modern technology, industrial society, and the growth of government and the strain on the family to make ends meet, we've lost sight of what is most important, taking care of one another.


Friday, November 17, 2017

BREAKING: AG Jeff Sessions gives EXPLOSIVE Speech on DACA and Hillary Cl...

Lord Rothschild Feared Dead After Plane Crash In Buckinghamshire

Lord Jacob Rothschild and four other people are feared dead after a plane and helicopter crashed in mid-air over the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire on Friday afternoon.

Wreckage from both aircraft fell from the sky after local residents reported hearing a loud bang shortly after midday. According to authorities, the pilot of the helicopter and its single passenger, as well as the pilot and a passenger of the plane all died in the crash.

A local resident, speaking to reporters, said: “My father heard a loud bang. My mother said a man, who I think was someone who had been out walking nearby, then went running up to the manor to say there had been a crash.”
“It didn’t happen directly over the grounds, but in woodland nearby. My father ran up to the scene. Everyone is helping the emergency services.”

The Rothschild’s are commonly believed to have engineered WWI in order to force the British government into creating Israel by getting them to sign the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

Lord Rothschild also boasted that the New World Order, which his family heads, would be in place by 2018.

Daily Mail reports: At least seven fire engines and three search and rescue vehicles rushed to the scene after the first 999 call came in at 12.06pm.

Police vehicles arrived at the crash site and officers have put up evidence tents in the woodland. Crash experts are attempting to piece together what happened.
Rescue workers had launched the fire brigade’s drone over the fallen wreckage in a bid to locate any survivors, but it is understood no one was taken to hospital.

Flight data shows a two-seater helicopter was flying at 1,025ft in the area at the time, but suddenly went of radar shortly after 12 noon. It had only been in the air for 15 minutes.

The plane that crashed is believed to be a Cessna 152, a popular training aircraft which has space for only one pilot and one passenger.

A Cessna 152 took off from Wycombe Air Park around the same time as the helicopter. It disappeared from radar at the same time as the helicopter.
The plane thought to have been involved was made in 1982. The helicopter feared to have crashed was built earlier this year.

Staff from the Waddesdon Estate, which is managed by a foundation set up by the eminent Rothschild family, helped direct emergency vehicles to the scene of the tragedy as police threw up a massive cordon around the area to preserve the scene.

The grand country manor house, which was used in the filming of The Crown and The Queen starring Helen Mirren, is understood to have been hosting a Christmas Market at the time of the crash.

Staff from the Air Accident Investigation Branch have been drafted in to begin an inquiry into what led to the mid-air collision.

A spokesman for the AAIB said: ‘The Air Accidents Investigation Branch is sending a team to investigate a mid-air collision involving an aircraft and a helicopter near Aylesbury.’

RAF Halton, which is around 10 miles away, said no military aircraft had been involved.

A spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that neither of the aircraft concerned has a connection with either our air force nor the military, and this is as much as we know at this time.’

Arrest George Soros! Nigel Farage ORDERS the EU Parliament


Communications About the Mess For the Military

By Anna Von Reitz

Part One  -- Uniformed Officers

According to the Field Manuals of the US ARMY/Army your branch of the service is responsible for "supervising" the Bar Association and its members.  This is further confirmed throughout Title 37 of the Federal Code.  They are considered "Uniformed Officers" and they are required to act under your direction, as are doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc. 

So let's stop the play-acting and pretension that you fellows don't have the responsibility for what is going on in the courts in this country, because you obviously and self-admittedly do.  

I am permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the Wisconsin state where I was born in 1956 and where my Mother was born in 1920 and where my Grandfather was born in 1865 and where my Great-Grandfather homesteaded beginning in 1854. 

I have never worked for nor been dependent upon the federal government in my life. I am engaged in no federally regulated profession or occupation. I am an innocent Third Party American civilian who has been harmed by the mis-administration of the US Army and US ARMY and its supervision of the activities of the Bar Association and its members on my soil and their usurpations and presumptions made against my person and my property. 

You want to claim that you are occupying my land as part of your mandate to protect the peace and preserve the persons and property of the civilian population of this country?  Good. 

I am here to inform all of you that you are doing a piss poor job and failing in that aim and that correction must be made to achieve that end. 

I am also fulfilling my duty to report crime to the authorities responsible for protecting our persons and our property. 

I am also here to make sure that you know who I am, know that I am here living in Alaska, that I have given Notice to the Secretary of State and the Wisconsin Secretary of State and am now also properly informing the Adjutant General responsible for keeping the records and the Port Authorities responsible for maintaining my egress treaty. 

My American Trade Name is Anna Maria Riezinger and I own it and all its forms and derivatives including all those variations being used by the federal corporations and agencies.  My claims are plainly stated on the public records of this state and the State of Wisconsin and the State of Illinois and if anyone has any claim that I am not Anna Maria Riezinger and not a native-born American and not owed all the guarantees and protections of the Wisconsin Constitution and the Wisconsin Statehood Compact and am not a Protected Person under international law and am not owed the security and peace of my "vessels" and their "cargo" -- then Mister, you better come forward to me with your proof and your counter-complaint right about NOW, because I am thoroughly fed up with all this mis-characterization of me, my husband, my son, and our position with respect to our nationality and non-citizen political status and also fed up with the harassment and privateering and illegal press-ganging being carried out by members of the Bar and doctors acting as undeclared Uniformed Officers on our shores--- all of which you fellows are supposed to be overseeing and in all cases supposed to be protecting and preserving our persons and our property. 

Am I making myself clear? 

Though it passes through the pockets of lots of middle men-- bankers, Popes, Queens, and even "International Organizations" -- I am one of those paying for your "services" and I am not paying to be misidentified and pillaged as a foreign combatant, shallow-hulled vessel, special purpose vehicle, foreign grantor trust, Puerto Rican ESTATE trust, public transmitting utility or any of the other horseshit you have all cobbled together as a means to fleece and oppress the American Public. 

We aren't the ones in bankruptcy -- not now, not ever. We are your actual, factual employers.

The sooner you all realize that FACT and start fulfilling your mandate to protect our persons and our property, the better off everyone concerned it going to be.

So I repeat -- I am here to report crime taking place in this Federal District.  These crimes are being perpetuated by members of the American and Alaskan Bar Associations acting under the supervision and oversight of the US Army.  Further crimes are being committed by Uniformed Officers who deceptively appear to be civilians but who are also under the operational control of the US Army. 

Now stop trying to tell me that all this horseshit shoved in my face is actually a bouquet of roses.

Finally, I am coming to you to make sure that you and the Adjutant General and all other members and parties and officers and employees of all federal branches of service including the federated states of states operating on our soil are fully aware that any presumed "interregnum" of the government of the people, for the people, and by the people owed the entire land jurisdiction and the reserved powers in international jurisdiction ---is at an end.  

The government of the actual unincorporated Body Politic of The United States of America is back on the land and moving to restore order and end the criminality to which this entire population has been subjected thanks to deliberate criminal mis-characterization of the people and plundering of property entrusted to the care of the US Army under international treaty and Executive Order. 

The Adjutant General bears a primary responsibility for keeping accurate and honest records and I am here to correct the records he has about me and my family. 

What he does with the crime report and what you do with it is your duty and business.  I have it all wrapped up and tied with a bow on the proper military forms as an affidavit to the Provost Marshall recorded on the land jurisdiction of the Matanuska-Susitna County and the State of Alaska Land Recorder's Office. 

I simply wish to hand deliver it and other supporting documents and answer any questions you may have. 

Part 2:  Status Report

This is an article published and available on my Facebook Page.  It is designed to bring people up to speed concerning the Great Fraud committed against us.  If you have been doddering around assuming that this is all a "civilian matter" and that it has nothing to do with misconduct and dereliction of duty by the military, think again.  As I informed you yesterday, these "Uniformed Officers" who appear to be working in civilian capacities as undeclared Foreign Agents--- both the courts and the doctors who are being used as the tools to defraud the American states and people--- are supposed to be "supervised" by the Army and regulated by the Coast Guard.   So get to it.  Now.  If you want to get paid and look at yourselves in the mirror---- take action to defend your actual, factual employers.  And remember--- without our land jurisdiction, you have no delegated sea jurisdiction to play in.  So you had better jolly well hop-to it and defend us and defend our claims to our land jurisdiction or you will have nobody and nothing to come home to.  

Property, Property Taxes, and the Whole Picture to Date
I have taken on the task of trying to consolidate everything to date for you. It's a long article and I don't want to be bombarded with questions of "How do I.....?" -- I want you all to sit down, look at the situation described, and begin figuring things out. Just be quiet, take it all in, and think, think, think---- for yourselves. This is the first step toward being free of all this B.S. ---- recognize how arbitrary, false, and silly most of this is, like a children's game played in deadly earnest by adults. Unfortunately, most Americans have been playing Chess while their employees have been playing Parcheesi --- which requires you to learn the new game, which then ultimately allows you to either (1) win the game, and/or (2) flip the table and play whatever game you want to play. They can make you play Parcheesi or you can make them play Chess--after all, they are your employees.
Our identity has been stolen. That resulted in us being reclassified as "US citizens" -- as if we were government employees or as if we had been born in Puerto Rico.
This then affected our ability to own land in the states, because "foreigners" can't actually live here, they can only "reside" here.
Instead, foreigners can have a long-term lease here and be tenants.
So that is how you are identified -- as a tenant on your own land, with the State of Whatever as your landlord. Because you are mis-identified in the public record, your land holdings are also mis-identified and placed into one of three categories: residential, industrial, or agricultural, when your land of any sort should be classified as private property.
As long as you and your land are both mis-identified, you will be taken for a "tax payer" and as a "subscriber" and as a "public vessel" and as a "resident" and everything you think of as yours will in fact be owned by and controlled by an organization of interlopers callings themselves the "State of Oregon" or the "State of Michigan".
First order of business then, is to get yourself back into the right category, and identify yourself as an American state national, not a "US citizen". This is more difficult than it looks, because the perpetrators of this scheme have made it difficult, yet to enjoy the benefits of their perfidy they have had to leave the door open for you, too.
That's why there is always remedy available to those who diligently search.
Two layers of "government organizations" have placed these ugly claims on your name and estate. The first of these, known as the Territorial United States, seized hold of the copyright of your name on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and then used that as a means to seize upon all your other property, too. They excused this Breach of Trust after the bogus "Civil War" ---which was never a war, but an illegal commercial action on our shores--- in the name of Public Safety to ensure the peace after the "rebels" were defeated. A hundred and fifty years later they are still attempting to use this excuse for stealing control of your name and estate by announcing "wars" against drugs, wars against this and wars against that. It's all bull, but it serves the purpose of continuing to excuse their inexcusable usurpation against the American states and people.
Where is the door?
The Expatriation Act of July 1868 allows you to sign an Act of State and go back to your original status as an American born on the land of an actual state of the Union.
But remember, they have already seized control of your Given Name, which is also known as a "Trade Name" in their system of things, and they have copyrighted it by "registering" your "birth/berth".
How do you correct that?
Well, their own records --- all those resulting "Certificates of Live Birth"--- show that you, the living man, were actually born on a specific day, like August 14, 1967, but the THING named after you wasn't registered until a few dates or weeks afterward---- on the (de) filing date which is also shown. This results in a situation in which the living man has a birth-day and the ESTATE they created "for" him has a birth-date.
There are two peaceful ways out of this box. The first, and the route that I have chosen, is to object to their presumption of trustee-ship and usufruct status, return the Birth Certificate (its actually an insurance indemnity receipt so you are making an insurance claim for the return of your vested interest in your own estate), and copyright your own name by recording it as an Assumed Name with the land recording office in your county. Every State of State in the Union has statutes about Assumed Names, also known as Business Names, also known as Trade Names, which retain your Common Law Copyright rights....... ah, so..... go back and correct the "mistake" and claim your own Trade Name and copyright it effective with your actual birth-day. This predates their claim by a few days or weeks, so you are finally identified as the true party of interest and Holder in Due Course.
They had to leave this door open, in order to profit from all this chicanery themselves.
Now you are Master of your own "vessel" and nobody can say otherwise, and if they infringe on your copyright in an effort to defraud you, you can call them on it in no uncertain terms with the proof of your recorded Common Law copyright to shove in their astonished faces. Oh, my, Matilda, the horses can talk and the sheep can dance! And their own published documents are the evidence of all this deceit and will-to-plunder.
The second route, which recently opened up and which by mistake, has become yet another tool for the rats to use against you, is PARSE SYNTAX grammar.
As I recently discussed--- one enterprising American found his way out of the their maze by creating a new name for himself using (arguably) correct grammar principals as his justification. He left his Given Name which was "Russell Jay Gould" behind and adopted a new name with new punctuation: "Russell-Jay:Gould". This created a separation between their "person" operated as "RUSSELL JAY GOULD" or "RUSSELL J. GOULD" and his newly created persons "Russell-Jay:Gould" and "Russell-J:Gould". It has, thus far, created a lasting protective barrier between the living man and the predatory corporations, and if you adopt his system and use PARSE SYNTAX, it can protect you, too.
The problem is that they have turned around and seen it as a new secret language they can operate in and use to defraud you. This is precisely the problem that Russell and I spent five days discussing in Texas. It now becomes necessary for everyone to learn PARSE SYNTAX so that you can defend yourselves in the venue of international law and commerce.
The vermin responsible for all this fraud and rot have had a long tradition of using "Federal Code" --- think of actual coded language as in "Code Book" --- combined with "Legal-ese", the language of the lawyers, both of which attach special uncommon meanings to common words to form coded communications which are then used to defraud innocent Americans. The idea of using PARSE SYNTAX grammar for the same purpose was a no-brainer for these rats and they have eagerly accepted it.
According to Russell, this is their new backdoor trick. If you don't present your claims in PARSE, they ignore them.
Improper grammar, they snort. Incorrect punctuation. Throw it out. Ho-hum. Mere gibberish.....
Well, so is Swahili gibberish to a non-Swahili, and French makes no sense to someone from Iceland who hasn't studied French. As long as American English is our official language and it has its own punctuation and style conventions, PARSE has to be viewed as a foreign language from our perspective, just like Legalese, Italian, and Dutch. Russell justifies it in terms of being "correct" according to principles of math and logic, but as he also had to admit --- its just as easy to lie in the language of math as it is to lie using any system of symbolic communication. Such a system only has to be consistent within the framework of its own declared assumptions to be "correct", so, correctness as we say in physics--- is in the "givens".
Russell is a righteous man, so he naturally sees the Truth in PARSE. The men we are dealing with naturally see it --- and use it---for the exact opposite purposes.
There are advantages to identifying the foreign languages these vermin have been using against us. We have spent years breaking their codes and learning their lingo, so learning PARSE SYNTAX is just the latest challenge, but there is even more profound value in identifying whatever they are throwing at us as foreign language. Foreign to us means exactly that---- and serves to make the distinction between Americans and "US citizens" more obvious. RUSSELL-J:GOULD is never going to be recognized as a Proper Noun in American English. The style, form, and punctuation clearly identifies it as PARSE and implies the grammar that goes with it. That alone is a giant step forward toward honesty and truth in commerce.
People will need to make their own decisions about how best to crack the nut and what tools to use to crack it. I think that the strongest tools we have are our own values and sense of justice. No matter what language something is expressed in, whether the grammar is correct or not, we all know when something is unfair. We all recognize the criminality of trespassing on someone else's assets. And a lie however it is expressed is still a lie.
Picture the scene: Commander Gould and I seated at my kitchen table, both heads bowed. We daily struggle with all that is false and selfish and small-minded in human nature, in ourselves and in others----but at the same time, we have a glimpse of something in Mankind that is glorious and fine and generous, a part of All That Is.
In the days to come, I recommend that everyone work hard to take advantage of the "exits" that still exist in the standing law, working backwards to (1) claim and record your Common Law copyright to your name however it is styled, ordered, formed, or expressed, and then (2) issuing an Act of Expatriation and recording that as a Deed with the State Secretary of State. If there is anyone out there who is willing to fund the effort, the Living Law Firm can ferret out the statutes guaranteeing Common Law Copyrights in all fifty of the States of States. We can develop effective Acts of State. We can get it all translated into PARSE SYNTAX so the rats have no excuse. We don't have the manpower, but we could hire enough paralegals and PARSE experts to get it done.
The first step reclaims your copyright interest in your own name (and therefore all the assets attached to it) and puts you in control of it, and the second step uncouples the "presumption" of "residency" and "US citizen" status being associated with your name. The first action gives you the key to unlock the door, the second allows you to walk through the door and lock it behind you. The third action-- translation into PARSE-- gives them no wiggle room to ignore anything you have done.
There are some additional niceties to be observed. Once you reclaim your name and your proper political status you will need to notify the authorities responsible-- the Port Authority for your area (Coast Guard Commandant) and the Adjutant General (responsible for keeping and updating proper records) and the US Postmaster General. There are actually seven (7) Postmaster and Post Master offices, but you address it to the Postmaster General as he is in charge of the military end of things and is the actual Commander of the Coast Guard and Adjutant General's Office in the Territorial Government that you have to notify about the changes in your status.
If you intend to conduct any kind of business outside your state of the Union you will need to post an Indemnity Bond with the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and if you go offshore to conduct business of any kind you will need to notify the U.S. Secretary of State and give them notice.
We all need to become very much more aware of the "occupation" of the U.S. Army and the misconduct that has gone on in the international jurisdiction since the so-called American Civil War. By becoming aware and doing our due diligence we can save the world from criminality and predators. We can also exercise our God-given rights and enjoy our privacy and not be harassed.
Going right along with this aim, we all need to learn the "latest and greatest" foreign code---- PARSE SYNTAX---- and use it as Russell intended it to be used, as a defense against falsehood and tyranny.
Once you have yourself free and clear and beyond the reach of the vermin and their false claims against you, you can easily deal with the issue of Property Taxes and Income Taxes being imposed by foreign governments via false presumption and deceit. Once you can be recognized as a natural-born American state national, you can go to the Tax Assessor and claim back your land as the landlord exercising your "reversionary trust interest" ---- and demand that it be listed as private property and not annexed as residential, industrial, or agricultural property belonging to the State of State.
If like millions of Americans you still have a mortgage, you have "issues" to resolve. American state nationals are not eligible for mortgages. You are the actual landlords, so any mortgage credits to be applied under any tenancy agreement has to be paid to you, not taken from you. American state nationals are not eligible for Social Security, either, and you should have never been enrolled. American state nationals don't require or use marriage licenses. And though they are imposed "in the interests of public safety", American state nationals are not required to use driver licenses, either, unless they are engaged in some business or trade that makes use of the public roads for private gain --- commercial trucking operations, taxi and courier services, etc.
The foregoing mish-mash in which you have mistakenly enrolled or taken part in or been coerced to participate in programs meant for "US citizens" results in a lot of entanglements and potential controversies based on adhesion contracts. You were not told that these offers and programs were only for "US citizens" and you were not given full disclosure about which kind of "US citizen" was eligible and other aspects of these sugar-coated lumps of rabbit feces, either. As a result the contracts are invalid. Now what?
We are at the beginning of trying to settle such issues with the organizations responsible.
Those who actually own their homes, ranches, etc., free and clear of mortgage debts can go to the Title Company and request a Certificate of Redemption. They can then correct the Deed and Title to their assets, issue an Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed, transferring the property back to Stanton County Oregon or Pierce County Idaho or wherever else it is located and defining it as a private land parcel, tax-exempt, and described as....... "according to metes and bounds established by this Deed....." and as further described as Number 452 Pickle-Lovers Lane (copyright symbol) --- whatever name you make up to describe your parcel--- belonging to Ted and Marcia (or Bill and Alice or....) Johnson, c/o Post Box 39980 in AnyState, blah, blah, blah. You record your deed in plain simple American English on page with the local land recording office, and you clearly "post" your land with the international black and white sign and "Private Property" signs.
The federal vermin have to recognize your claims, because their own claims depend on your land claims: without a land jurisdiction, they don't have a delegated sea jurisdiction. And they are even motivated and grateful to see your claims appearing on the land recording district offices, because it is beginning to dawn on them that without us, they are nothing. Without us, they are open to seizure as pirates. Without us, all their State of State claims blow away in the wind.
They will still try to play their "You Can't See Me" games using PARSE SYNTAX as the excuse. It is therefore important to learn PARSE and follow up with a Corollary Deed written in PARSE and added to the land record so that they can't discount or "mistake" your meaning about any of this anymore. This would be the equivalent of re-writing your Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed in a foreign language and recording that for the benefit of the speakers who use that language. A properly translated PARSE deed serves notice to the vermin that the jig is up and that you know what they are doing.
So at last you can achieve that much-desired end of having your employees leave you and your assets alone, and forcing them to get back to work doing the job you hired them to do---- protecting you and your assets instead of bullying, attacking, and robbing you.
And wouldn't that be a nice change of direction?
This is a long read and explanation of the circumstance and there are still a lot of things up in the air, but the basic outlines of the situation and the proper steps needed to deal with the Mess as it stands are becoming clear. I cannot stress enough that this whole circumstance is a process --- not a single step, but many steps. They've been diddling around with this for 150 years. You can't expect to overcome it all in an afternoon.
You need to think it through in a logical sequence and then reverse that sequence. It is a Maxim of Law that "as a THING is bound, so it is unbound". Well, THINGS, here is your chance.
Reverse their claim and copyright of your name and estate by over-riding with a guaranteed Common Law Copyright pre-dating their claim. Record that. Give notice to the Coast Guard and Adjutant General and U.S. Postmaster General. Reverse their presumption that you are a US citizen with an Act of State returning your name and estate to Wisconsin, Minnesota, or wherever you came from. Record that. Give Notice to the State Secretary of State and U.S. Secretary of State. Reverse their unspoken claim that your land belongs to their franchise operating as a State of State and belongs to a "resident" and is either "residential, industrial, or agricultural" land. Correct the Deed. Record that. Give notice to the Tax Assessor and demand that your parcel be designated as private property and as tax exempt.
Learn PARSE and bring a Notice of the Fact written in PARSE as a translation of your claims and rebuttals and deeds. Record that. If they even think about messing with you, they will see that translation provided for their understanding and go away, far, far away.
So, now, at the end of all this--- you are back on solid ground and the sharks have to remain in the sea. You are home at last. The snail is on his thorn. And the pick-pockets are on the run. If you are an honest and peaceful man, that's what you wanted all along. Be willing to give that to other people, even those you consider to be enemies, and your own peace is assured.
The Rule of Love always overcomes the Rule of Law.

---- Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

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