OBAMA!!! You were denied permission to invade Syria! 

You are denied
permission to establish a no fly zone! 

You are denied any jurisdiction
to have any influence with Syria!
Read and remember! Signed: We THE People

Friday, December 9, 2016

@Wikileaks Strikes Again, This Time Is Even Worse Then Ever!


Are we being SET UP up to lose everything after the exchanges?


Damon Geller
Dec 9 2016

Bank Bailouts Bankrupted the Nation

Everyone knows that the 2008 global economic collapse was caused by banks’ unregulated casino-style gambling. Instead of blackjack and slots, the banks bet massively on financial derivatives known as a “credit default swaps,” which Warren Buffett famously called “weapons of financial mass destruction.”

And when the system collapsed, not a single banker went to jail.  Not a single major bank executive lost his job.  Instead, the U.S. Gov’t and Fed spent trillions of taxpayer dollars bailing out the banks.  This massive enabling of banking corruption drove our national debt to almost $20 trillion and has left us on the verge of national bankruptcy.  Think they won't do this again?!

Your Deposits Can Now Be Seized

So, how is the gov’t planning to bail out the banks this time?  The simple answer is, they’re not, because the gov’t and Fed are broke.  Instead, the U.S. Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which effectively ends gov’t bailouts for banks.  Instead, the banks will be saved by “bail-ins.”

Simply put, bail-ins are capital pooled together from the failed bank’s own stockholders and creditors.  Who are these stockholders?  YOU!  The new law gives the gov’t absolute power to freeze all bank accounts and use all your deposited money over certain limits to pay the bank’s creditors.

Think it won’t happen?  It already has.  Greece enacted a similar law recently.  When citizens woke up one morning to make their normal ATM withdrawals, they discovered that their money had been frozen because of a sudden financial crisis.  Bank depositors lost over 60% of their unprotected savings overnight! 

Legally, Your Deposit Is an Unsecured Loan to the Bank

When you make a bank deposit, don’t think for one second that the bank is merely holding your money for safekeeping.  By federal law, you become a creditor to the bank as soon as you make the deposit.  In other words, the money is now the bank’s to do whatever is legally allowed, and you are not guaranteed to get your money back over certain limits if something goes wrong.
And something will go wrong.  

What most people don’t know is that the criminal banks are at it again, once again betting massively on dangerous credit default swaps, to the tune of over $30 TRILLION – 8 times the budget of the United States Gov’t and more than the entire value of the U.S. stock market!

Now that the banks have reopened the casino doors, experts predict that these financial WMDs will take down the global economy worse than we’ve ever seen.  And under the new law, YOUR deposited money will be used to save the banks.  But – you might object – don’t we have federal FDIC insurance to protect our bank deposits?

FDIC Insurance Is a Ponzi Scheme

Here’s the scary truth about the FDIC:  The current total funds in the FDIC equal $47 billion, but the total deposits in U.S. banks is $10.1 TRILLION!  This means that the FDIC can only cover ¼ of 1% of total U.S. bank deposits!  The system could go bankrupt overnight!  The bottom line:  your money is NOT safe when the global banking system collapses.

So, what about your investment money?  If you thought a 20-30% dip in your portfolio was bad after 2008, try an 80% collapse when the banking system completely falls apart! And, this time, the Fed and the U.S. Gov’t won’t be there to prop up the stock market and recoup your gains after just a few years. THIS collapse could be deeper and longer-lasting than any we’ve seen before – even worse than the Great Depression! (ARE WE BEING SET UP THROUGH THE RV/GCR TO LOSE EVERYTHING ONCE THESE EXCHANGES ARE COMPLETED?)

The One Asset That Can’t Be Touched

While the new law gives the gov’t absolute power over your bank account when the banks fail, there’s still ONE asset class that the gov’t & banks can’t touch:  gold & silver.  That’s because gold & silver aren’t numbers on a computer screen controlled by governments and banks.  Gold & silver are physical assets that sit outside the banking system and outside the control of governments. 

Not surprisingly, after the last global financial meltdown — when almost everyone lost their life savings — gold TRIPLED in just three years.

So ask yourself, are you okay with waking up one morning to discover your bank accounts have been frozen?   

Are you okay with the gov’t seizing a huge percentage of your life savings to save the corrupt banks?  

If not, then get your money out of the banks.  Now.  And protect your savings & retirement with the one asset class that thrives when governments and banks collapse:  gold & silver.  Do it now, before you have nothing left to protect.


What Democrats and union bosses don’t want Americans to see

Anonymous: The Power Of The People Can Rock The World

Cute ads from our friends overseas!

Rock Star in the Making

English for Beginners

Gett'n Even

Thursday, December 8, 2016


A logo of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild is seen on the bank building  before a news conference for the group's 2010 results, in GenevaCABAL BANKERS ARE ON THE RUN...
A logo of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild is seen on the bank building before a news conference 
for the group's 2010 results, in Geneva March 31, 2011.  (REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)

December 8, 2016
By Saikat Chatterjee

Just in on One America News:

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Swiss private bank Edmond de Rothschild <RLD.S> is closing its Hong Kong operations, according to three people familiar with the matter, more than two decades after it opened shop in the former British territory and as costs in the wealth management industry bite.
The Geneva-based bank and money manager, which had 167 billion Swiss francs ($165 billion) of assets under management at end-June 2016, has already surrendered its China operating license and will run its Japan and Korea operations through its Swiss head office. 
“This is part of a return to Europe strategy due to rising cost pressures,” said one of the people familiar with the matter who declined to be named.
The bank confirmed the closure of its Hong Kong operations in an emailed statement and said it will continue to selectively exploit growth opportunities in Asia through partnerships such as with SMBC Nikko Securities and Samsung Asset Management.
“It also reflects a wider strategy to offer its international clients best of class asset management and private banking expertise from the European market,” the bank said. 
Two of the people said the Hong Kong operation would close by the end of December with its asset management arm, which opened in Hong Kong in 2007, also shutting shop.
Private banks in Asia are feeling the heat from aggressive tax amnesty programs in Indonesia and India aimed at bringing offshore wealth home and fear regulators may impose big fines on banks who breach the rules.
Tough market conditions and the need for scale in an increasingly competitive Asian market are forcing some market players to exit the industry.
Assets under management at the top twenty private banks operating in Asia declined 4 percent to $1.5 trillion in 2015, according to a survey published by Asian Private Banker.  Market watchers expect 2016 to also be tough with revenues down across business segments. 
In particular, western banks, battered after the global financial crisis, have faced growing competition from emerging Asian institutions, which have grown their balance sheets and wealth management operations significantly.
Keith Pogson, a senior partner at accounting firm Ernst & Young in Hong Kong, expects an industry shakedown to continue as Asian names such as Singapore-based DBS Group Holdings <DBSM.SI> and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp <OCBC.SI> grow.
The 63-year-old Edmond de Rothschild opened in Hong Kong in 1992 and was among the first of a wave of boutique private banks seeking to capture the business of a rapidly growing class of affluent Asians. The private bank’s eponymous founder was a Swiss born member of the Rothschild family of industrialists.
The firm embarked on an aggressive expansion plan bringing in six senior bankers in April 2014 to expand its offering to corporate banking and trust planning.
It appointed Jing Zhang Brogle as the new Hong Kong CEO last August, bringing her in from Swiss bank Vontobel where she looked after greater China operations.
It is unclear how many staff will be affected as part of this withdrawal. At end 2015, the group employed 1,771 employees globally with 766 staff in Switzerland and the rest abroad, according to its annual financial statements.
Net income at the group declined 11 percent to 56 million Swiss francs at end-2015 from a year earlier, according to its annual report.
China’s banking regulator approved a request by the company to close down its Shanghai representative office in May this year. It was among the first to get a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor quota in 2006. 
(Reporting by Saikat Chatterjee; Additional reporting by Samuel Shen in SHANGHAI; Edited by Sam Holmes) 

OPA – Its Thursday Dec 8th!

It just seems we are being played, repeatedly!
Are you stalling for final tallies by 13th Dec? Electoral College vote on 19th even though it was announced on mainstream media that the electoral college accepts Trump as president elect? Trump inauguration Jan 20th?  Or after tax day in April since they have some ownership in tax collectors that was told to me!
How many more signatures are you going to require releasing the funds?  How many more delays are you going to manufacture?  How many more drunken parties are you going to have to fulfill your spiritual side to release the funds?
So many rumors, so many lies, so much BS going on and those who were chosen are frozen from acting … they worry about our house and its been said in many internet stories that the HSBC house is or was riddled full of thief’s and they are now the bank in charge, go figure.  Why would you figure WF be honest with ownership in the hands of a BUSH friend. You have to be kidding me!   
And where is the green knight Mr. D?  No noise, no signs, no messages, no removal of the cabal!  Just a Puppet!
We are being played for the holidays, why, they say they do not want to interfere with retail sales … oh come on, are you telling me that if you let the RV loose this will impact the retail sales in a negative way, really?  You got another platform trade going to fund that moon base banking system don’t you?
What is this new internet-posting going around about a slow release … how much slower can it be since we don’t have it now … some money now, and watch what is happening to economy and release some more and watch again.  So, get started, and finish with the games to release the funds so we can WATCH the funds have impact on economy.
At this point, I am just lost; it appears you are more concerned with your platform trades, fear of making a mistake so you do nothing, then the health and well-being of the planet and people.  Great spirituality!
One Pissed Off America, signing off for now.  Remember, you too believe the same way, just too scared to say or do anything, time to buck up and man-up, so let us change this together!  

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Leftists plotting Army-Navy game attack


It’s a game of honor and tradition.

The 117th face-off between West Point’s Black Knights and the United States Naval Academy’s Midshipmen is scheduled to take place Saturday at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium.

And liberal activists are plotting to shut it down.

The so-called “Mid-Atlantic General Defense Committee” — a radical leftist organization — has gathered the pledges of nearly 1,000 local activists to take action in an angry protest of President-elect Donald Trump who, in keeping with tradition, has announced his plans to attend the game.

The group’s intention appears to be violent, as protesters have labeled their goal to “stand up to defend our homes, our neighbors, and communities around the globe. 

'We will meet [Trump] at every event with our rage and our brilliance. We will protect each other and our city. Meet at McKeldin Fountain and march from there to let our voices be heard and our resistance be seen and felt!”

Additionally, at least one attendee is comparing their plans to infiltrate the stadium Saturday to the beginning of a “war.”

The organizers have experience, and security experts are concerned they’ve learned from previous failures.

On Nov. 10th, hundreds of anti-Trump protests in the city attempted to stop fans from attending the Baltimore Ravens NFL game on Nov. 11th, causing multiple arrests.

The mob blocked traffic, intimidated bystanders, threatened unfriendly reporters, and called for the assassination of the president-elect.

This is one of the main entrances to the stadium, blocked by Trump rally during Ravens-Browns game (via )


White Hats Report #57

The  White  Hats  Report

Posted: 07 Dec 2016 09:06 PM PST

Following the lead of our friends across the pond, America delivered their own version of Brexit by electing Donald Trump president. In the year of miracles, add Trexit to Brexit and the Cubs winning their first World Series in 108 years to the list of odds defying events. History tells us that eventually the pendulum will change direction and swing the other way and the number of casualties is growing by the day.  The list is long and distinguished and perhaps the biggest losers are the US crime families named Clinton and Bush.

Don’t be fooled by the asskissing of all the losers who were quick to appear to make amends with the Trump victory, among them Romney, Bonnie and Clyde Clinton and der Fuerher himself, George HW Bush.  It is incumbent upon the people of the US to now direct their energy and focus attention on Trump’s promise of “draining the swamp”. Our readers know the swamp is large and will take time to drain but at least the alligator hides business will lead the economic recovery provided they aren’t allowed to slither off into the night to wreak havoc once again.

Robert Rubin, the current Co-Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, former Goldman Sachs and Citigroup operative and Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of the Treasury went on television in the UK on Sunday, November 6 and assured the viewers that (1) Hillary Clinton would not be arrested and (2) would be elected President of the US on November 8. A globalist hack and cabal henchman, Rubin has fully been discredited for the fraud his is and always has been. Rubin was no doubt a supporter and instigator of the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act which resulted in the derivative nightmare and contributed to the crash of 2008. Rubin revealed himself for what he is, an arrogant, cabal/bankster who has lost all influence (as he should) in the world of government and finance.  


We’ve gotten a glimpse of this group and the picture isn’t pretty. The product of a nationwide, heavy handed government influenced school system sprinkled with an obsession with social media has given us a generation of reactionary, unthinking and mindless followers of socialism and entitlement. You have to conclude that the once open minded US college university system has been overtaken by a very un-American undercurrent that finally revealed itself. This is social engineering (aka brain washing) at its finest.

Thin skinned but thick headed, this group has followed the current Administration’s lead on the attack of the 1stAmendment, displaying a penchant to be offended by anything in an effort to stifle free speech and free expression. Political correctness on steroids, it’s apparent this group has lost touch with reality on several levels.   

For example, this is the group targeted by Comrade Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. The lure was a whole host of freebies with no cogent explanation of how they would be funded. But it didn’t matter, Bernie’s task was to secure a whole voting bloc to eventually gift to Hillary Clinton when she won the nomination. And make no mistake, this was planned from the beginning. Once defeated, Bernie would be the good Democratic operative and political hack and convince his followers to vote for HRC. 

Of course Wikileaks exposed the con for what it was, revealing that Clinton’s campaign considered Bernie a “doofus” (A sentiment shared by all White Hats) and provided proof that the primaries were fixed for Clinton. Yet Bernie, being the good cabal sub-contractor that he is, displayed his submission to the party by not challenging the results and even stumping for the treasonous Democratic Party candidate when full panic set in right before the election.

In addition, this group is the main segment of the US population who will pay the interest on the debt going forward. After turning 26 and being taken off mommy and daddy’s health insurance plan, they will be FORCED to pay exorbitant health insurance premiums to support the entitlement ACA disaster their beloved President forced on the US.  But yet they riot and protest in the streets against the new Administration that will undoubtedly reverse this attack on their economic freedoms in the future. 

This is proof that the cabal’s control of the pharmaceutical industry has paid dividends with the increased vaccination schedule and the introduction of prescription drugs to our children to correct “behavior” issues while growing up. This group is also the product of the participation trophy, rather than getting recognized for accomplishment and outstanding achievement, they receive hardware for simply being all the same. The result is a generation of dumbed down, paranoid and out of touch group who can’t reason, use common sense or apply critical thinking to the simplest of issues.

Play-Doh, hot chocolate, coloring books, doggy time and safe spaces? Really?

It’s unsettling to contemplate how they would react to a real crisis. We can only hope they grow up, smarten up and realize they’ve been used like a door mat by the cabal.


The natural follow-up to the millennial discussion is the total deterioration and embarrassment of the state of Oregon. Rivaled only by California in terms of over the top socialism and cognitive dissonance, they’ve taken ignorance to a new level. Earlier in the year, they essentially stood silent and watched while their land was being stolen by the Federal government. The Maheur Wildlife Refuge was the center of the fear mongering by the MOP and a majority of the state fell in line like good slaves and bought into the propaganda. 

The 2nd Amendment became the focus of the fear mongering and sadly, the Federal government was the only group who raised their guns, fired shots and killed an American patriot and protestor, Lavoy Finicum. The group protesting was eventually arrested or turned themselves in, stood trial and found not guilty on ALL charges. It was stunning, not because they were exonerated but because enough jurors could be found in Oregon who had the sense and intestinal fortitude to render a just and correct verdict.  

The methods employed by the government to suppress this protest go beyond the pale by denying bail and utilizing solitary confinement to punish innocent people for trying to assist their fellow citizens from the oppression of the shadow government.

The current riots, no these are not protests but riots, are a message to the rest of the country how truly out of touch with reality the state of Oregon has become. Over 100 of the rioters were arrested and over half either did not vote or did not register to vote yet they become a mob and destroy property because they didn’t like the results of an election they chose not to participate in? This is cognitive dissonance at its finest. 

Portland has no rivals in its over the top, left radical bent, yet all the damage is being done in that city so in essence, the geniuses doing the rioting are damaging their fellow thinkers with their destruction to the tune of over $1 million as reported by the local media.

In the land of participation trophies, heightened vaccination schedules, social engineering, globalist indoctrination, socialism, government oppression and media fear mongering, cognitive dissonance reigns in Oregon.


This group of disingenuous asses has been completely rejected in an overwhelming way with the election of Trump. Their arrogance and inflated self assessments have been exposed for the complete and total nonsense they are. The threats of moving out of the country if Trump was elected has come back to bite them in the ass in a big way. Their movies suck, their songs are filled with racial slurs, bigotry and violence and their political views are irrelevant. The list that promised to leave the country was long but interestingly enough, their stated destinations did not include Mexico, Guatemala or Syria.

We can only hope they don’t invade our friends to the north and completely destroy relations with the Canadian people. The meltdown of Miley Cyrus and others in the entertainment world has drawn attention to a pathetic segment of our society that is cabal controlled and influenced by the satanic forces of the world.

GOOD RIDDANCE, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of the country! 


The prostitute mainstream media (aka Ministry of Propaganda or MOP) was so exposed during this presidential election campaign it’s difficult to see them surviving as an ongoing business concern in the future.  All of the TV networks were thoroughly exposed, especially CNN (the Clinton News Network) and MSNBC who are both nothing but shills for the cabal. It was thoroughly amusing to watch some of the paid actors on election night as they tried to keep their composure while announcing Trump’s election victory. Particularly loathsome were Martha Raddatz (the current version of Nurse Cratchet), Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews. These four epitomize the deterioration of morality in the MOP. Having no shame, they didn’t hide their disappointment in Trump’s victory, displaying for all who wish to see that they’re nothing but what we’ve always said, a propaganda tool of the shadow government.

The NY Times stooped to a new low by making no bones about their support for Clinton. Amusingly, they were among the first to switch sides and declare Trump with a 92% chance of winning the presidency on election night.

We have talked about the media many times over the years about being nothing but tools and puppets of the cabal and they made no effort to hide it in their desperation on election night and after. Since the election, they have all of a sudden become diligent in their vetting of everything Trump says, does and thinks. It’s become comical watching them adopt the tenets of the Fourth Estate when they’ve completely suspended them the last eight years to enable the Liar in Chief to destroy the US in a systematic way.

Their credibility is forever lost.

Their most recent push is what they are terming the fight against “fake news”.  Google and Facebook are now leading the charge to censor free speech in the name of saving all of us from being subjected to lies and untruths.  If that were truly the case, all the MSM outlets, both print and video, would be censored in addition to lapdog cabal sites like Snopes and factchecker.org.  

The Shadow Government’s Operation Mockingbird is falling apart all around us and the desperation in which they attempt to desperately cling to their rapidly deteriorating credibility. The old axiom of “We didn’t see it on TV so it must not be true” is now fully exposed for the fairy tale it really is. Even Obama, surpassed only by Hillary Clinton as the biggest liar in government in the past eight years, has been babbling about the fake news that’s being ingested through social media. 

Another irony as social media is an MKUltra mind control program to both surveil and shape the narrative for the masses. 


This whole election season has been filled with irony and the following is a list, not all inclusive by any means but interesting nonetheless:

The mainstream media (MOP) attacked Trump from the beginning and then when he was nominated by the Republican party for president they complained about all the “free” media coverage that they, in fact, gave him while trying to destroy his campaign. In the end, their effort to trash him only served to elevate his candidacy and they were the ones who got punked.

HRC wanted Trump to release copies of his tax returns when she was the one who deleted 33,000 emails.

The HRC dirty tricks political apparatus tried to attack Trump on his attitude toward women and Trump countered with Bill Clinton’s sordid history with women including rape, an $850,000 settlement for sexual harassment and of course we can’t forget the blue dress and the cigar in the White House. HRC’s part in the harassment, intimidation and threats to Bill’s conquests didn’t get enough mention but it did counter the dirty tricks of the Clinton campaign strategists.

The liberal media predicted the Trump supporters would protest/riot in the streets after HRC won and it’s just the opposite, the crybaby millennials are the ones rioting.

Speaking of millennial crybabies, the majority of cities they’re protesting/rioting in, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Baltimore, Portland, etc were all liberal/Democrat cities who voted for HRC. 

The Clinton cabal using Jill Stein to challenge voting results in Wisconsin and perhaps Michigan and Pennsylvania after the Democrats and the media blasted Trump for saying he would challenge election results if he lost. HRC’s “direct threat to our democracy” campaign rhetoric now comes home to roost in her own backyard. This effort is laughable but does expose Stein for the cabal puppet she was and always has been. 

There are many more but suffice it to say, these will continue for the foreseeable future as the exposure of the cabal and all their oppression mechanisms come unraveled.


Jill Stein, the most laughable 3rd party candidate in US election history has filed for recounts in three states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. With no evidence of problems, Ms. Stein is trying to convince the public that she has no ulterior motives for taking such an unprecedented move. It’s also no coincidence that it happens to be in three “battleground” states that coincidentally went to Trump despite the fixed public polls indicating HRC would win. 

Does Stein really think the American people are stupid enough to believe this disingenuous attempt to steal the election from Trump? Her pathetic campaign raised $3.5M and this attempt to stir up the left has raised over $6M and its obvious this is orchestrated by HRC’s cabal as a way to disguise who is really behind this nonsense.

We suggest she seek employment in Hollywood as she is able to keep a straight face when fielding numerous questions about this farce. Any adjustments in vote tallies would NEVER give her any of these states so what’s the point?  Perhaps she’ll be rewarded with employment at the Clinton Foundation or a job giving tours at the Clinton Presidential library? 

Soliciting money from the disgruntled, distraught and delusional Hillary supporters only serves to con them out of more of their funds and give them false hope that the traitor will gain the presidency. In a year of material that could support content for multiple seasons of “The Twilight Zone”, this gambit by Stein has to rank as the most ridiculous.

There are nineteen (19) states that currently have no voter ID laws, thirteen (13) of which were won by HRC. Coincidence? Of course it is. How about recounts in California, Illinois and Virginia. Or maybe Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico? Recounts in these states would expose the rampant voter fraud that needs to be addressed in this country or it will surely lead to another banana republic and the defeat of the final bastion of freedom in the world.

The Election

Trump spoke constantly about a rigged system and he was right.  Fixed and corrupt, the establishment wanted to install and coronate Hillary Clinton to finish the job the Kenyan born fraud and liar started eight years ago. It’s common knowledge there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obamas but there was Barry out campaigning hard in the closing weeks for Clinton, trying to shame his dwindling mind controlled followers to preserve his pathetic legacy by voting for HRC. Of course this gambit failed and failed miserably as his core constituency knew better than everyone else what a major underachiever he turned out to be.

The private polling numbers, as we had reported earlier, were overwhelmingly in support of Trump by at least a 70%-30% margin if not higher. Yet the public polls had shown HRC ahead in most states and overall, thanks to the media’s efforts to shape reality. Then on election day, the results were supposed to match the public polls (within the margin of error) and the exit polls would confirm all of it for the masses transfixed to their TVs on election night.

Except something happened on the way to HRC’s coronation as Queen of the USA. Given that 19 states don’t have voter ID laws and the exposure by Project Veritas of the Democratic campaign’s dirty tricks teams talking about fixing the election, even the staunchest Trump supporters were surprised he was able to win.

What If…..

·         The election had been rigged electronically with an AI controller technology hacked into the GEMS software that would be routed through Scytl, counting the vote in Spain - and that the American people were being set up for a Hillary win.  

·         What was not anticipated by the bad guys was that a group of good guys (white hats) would show up at their game... and had come loaded for bear...

·         The good guys let Hillary run up the score in those "blue states" where she was supposedly very strong so the anti-rigging went undetected for a while.

·         By 9pm ET the good AI had started to kick in, and prevented her from taking the win.  

·         As the bad AI continued to try to push the rigged vote through each of the last 7 swing states (114 Electoral College Votes), the good AI squeezed it down which gave Trump just enough of his real vote count to come through and take the win. Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Ohio.

·         The bad guys did not think that they would have to extend their crime to "ride herd" on the counted votes as they were transmitted from the rigged central servers to their elaborate multi-million dollar "Election Headquarter" sets where the political theater was being played out for an unsuspecting public in real time.  Big mistake.  Overconfidence.

·         The bad guys did not anticipate that they would be out-hacked and out-maneuvered by an AI technology that was superior to theirs, one that was watching their every move and limiting their ability to complete the steal.  One that was being run by a committed group of patriots willing to give their lives if ever discovered in order to save our nation from tyranny, and the world from nuclear war.

·         The whole AI battle was conducted within the statistical margin of error that the bad guys had engineered into the system from the beginning so they could perform the steal undetected.  They dug their own grave...  No one is now or ever will be the wiser.  There is no trace.  They were beaten at their own game. Perfect judo.

“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”

-Sun Tzu
-From the Tactical Dispositions chapter of the book, The Art of War    

Say what you will, Donald Trump beat both a Bush and a Clinton in one election cycle. It seems everything the cabal controlled media tried backfired and the more we saw of Clinton, the more it was revealed she had nothing to offer except the same, failed, Obama inspired policies that were leading this country to its ultimate destruction. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, the immoral social values forced upon the people and the unethical business practices allowed to permeate in the financial world were about to doom the Republic. But in this year of miracles, of Brexit and the Chicago Cubs, the people of the US met the challenge and for the time being, turned back the tide of cabal control and staved off disaster.

Sheriff Joe

Sadly, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona was defeated in his bid to gain a seventh term as Sheriff. He has promised to reveal “universe shattering” information in his final press conference as Sheriff on December 15.  Be reminded that Sheriff Arpaio’s cold case posse shattered the scam of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate over four years ago.  A dark cloud that hangs over both parties as they Republicans are just as culpable in this conspiracy as the Democrats, we can only hope the Social Security number fraud perpetrated by Obama is exposed as well as it is clearly more understandable and a much easier case to make. 

What’s next?

While the cabal controlled media attempt to keep the focus on Trump’s transition, the undercurrent flowing through the alternative media is the exposure of the satanic rituals, child trafficking and pedophilia in the John Podesta emails. The MOP (Ministry of Propaganda) has essentially ignored this story although some print media has tried to debunk the claims. No doubt the cabal lapdog “fact checking” site Snopes will weigh in if it hasn’t already.

The next paragraphs you are about to read have been very difficult to write as they delve into the deep, dark recesses of the cabal’s immorality and in essence, will explain how they have infiltrated every segment of society with a common, despicable theme that ties them all together in a nice web of blackmail through association.  This includes politicians, corporate management of every discipline, the media and the puppet masters at the top of the pyramid. It is the thread that if it gets pulled, will unravel the entire cabal underworld and will reveal the sordid, sick and disgusting underbelly of control in the world. The one link, above all others, that keeps them in total lockstep and assures they keep quiet about dirty, dark secrets that infect the power structures of this planet.

We’ve gotten glimpses of this, peeks behind the curtain into this dark world with the McMartin preschool criminal case, the exposure of the Franklin case (“Conspiracy of Silence”), the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia case at Penn State, the Dennis Hastert scandal and most recently, the “Lolita Express” scandal that involves Jeffrey Epstein and alleged distinguished visitors to “Lolita Island” such as Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York among others to engage in sex with underage boys and girls. The common theme with all of these is pedophilia committed by people of supposed high regard, including politicians, business leaders, a sports figure and royalty. With the exception of the McMartin case, all involved pedophilia with both boys and girls primarily in their teens. 

The emerging “Pizzagate” scandal involves satanic rituals and pedophilia on a scale that will shock the world. Some of our group have direct experience with these rituals that on a grand scale, make the party scene in the movie, “Eyes Wide Shut” look like a kindergarten birthday party (absolutely no pun intended). These rituals include human sacrifice, cannibalism, every sexually deviant act you can imagine and they all include children. And not children in their teens but children as young as 4 or 5 years old and even younger. Keep in mind that Stanley Kubrick died while “Eyes Wide Shut” was in post production and it is rumored that up to 30 minutes of the original shoot was edited out of the final cut.

The idea that anyone would participate in such dark, despicable practices is beyond most people’s comprehension. Cognitive dissonance sets in because the mind cannot wrap itself around such depravity and evil, it will reject it due to the simple reason that to go there in the mind is to begin a slide down the slippery slope to thoughts that unsettle the soul to a point where all decency and civility are lost. To even consider such things will cause physical reactions that are not normal, not comfortable and not understood. Consider it the dark forces that envelop souls where white is black, evil is good and upside down is right side up. Once souls are indoctrinated into this cult, their souls turn dark and they serve the bloodlines and cabal that has control of this planet.

The FBI is aware of this as is the NYPD (Pizza Gate) and we can only hope that the Justice Department and Attorney General of New York and various Prosecutors will step forward and reveal this evil before our planet is lost. The indoctrination of immorality in the world continues, the objective is to convince us all that we should embrace the evil and embark on a dark journey into the abyss. 

History is replete with pedophilia, satanic rituals and people in power having no restraint in their treatment of fellow human beings. To think this isn’t occurring on a grand scale in real time is to be in complete denial of reality and stuck in the matrix created by the dark rulers of this planet. 

We mentioned the new attack on “fake news”. The cat is out of the bag with the Wikileaks emails and the citizen investigations of Pizzagate. You can expect the censorship and debunking of this scandal to heighten over the next few weeks and months in the name of fighting the fake news mantra. Keep in mind that every resource will be brought to bear to squelch, silence and deny this dark cancer that infects the power centers of earth.  This battle will be a difficult one and if good prevails over dark, we can expect many long held belief systems will be shattered.

It’s time to open our minds to what is ahead and be thankful we are alive to see the transformation.

BBC's Jimmy Savile Pedophile: https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=wdbjqa7C-0M