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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Christians of Syria: the organized lie of the French media--by François Belliot

Christians of Syria: the organized lie of the French media--by François Belliot
Posted By: RobertS
Date: Tuesday, 4-Jun-2013 23:44:10
This be a long article---10 pages or so--- by François Belliot
The title of the article be----- Christians of Syria: the organized lie of the French media.

It speaks of the ways that the media is supressing what is really happening in Syria by a select group, and how an Italian jesuit priest, who lived in Syria for 30 years, is able to direct the propaganda of Bashar al Asaad being an evil dictator killing his people, just by the way of silencing those who know by saying they were like those of the holocaust deniers, and like those who persecuted the jews.
How the average person in the western countries are being lied to by the relayed propaganda of all the major media, but this article deals mainly with the French media, as this is where the action occurs. François Belliot writes of how the lies are propagated by slanderous statements. He calls it the deceitful commercial NATO media.
It be very interesting how someone can be projected in the media in an directed end to attain. Those who take the stand to oppose, or to voice a different argument opposite to the standard that be projected, are met with the statements to make them seem like a crazy person not to be listened, as they just be likened to a holocaust denier, which also be relayed into the media.
Article in French on website:
http://www.voxnr.com/cc/etranger/EFZpEAFZFZdfdHxLNq.shtml -- voxnr.com le site des résistants au nouvel ordre mondial, by François Belliot .---

Some highlights:
In this second his study, François Belliot shows how the French press handed over almost exclusively to an Italian priest to denounce the " regime of Bashar ", even when the totality of the bishops and Christian Patriarches of Syria supports him. It is of course only about an example of the media bias in the countries of the NATO, this priest having identically been invited to North America and to Europe. The Christian press did not escape the colonial game, its journalists being the same that those of the profane organs.
We can also point the magnifying glass at certain characters put forward in the commercial media. The propaganda to be credible leans on witnesses of choice, often minority in the camp which they are supposed to represent. In comparison, other persons, often more numerous and more representative, are systematically pushed aside from sets, even slandered without they have the possibility of defending themselve in the media.
The case of father Paolo Dall' Oglio, supposed to represent the point of view of the Christians of Syria, omnipresent in the big commercial media in the last autumn, and again in this May 2013, unlike other more representative personalities, allows to demonstrate in a irrefutable way that the treatment of the Syrian crisis by the commercial NATO media is almost entirely deceitful and directed.
I walked in the "International Village" of the Festival of Humanity, I had entered, curious, into a "Syrian" exhibition stand. It was a group of people supporting the official version of NATO and al-Jazeera. They called for mobilization against Bashar al-Assad, invoked the duties of the "international community," the necessity for "right of humanitarian intervention." Four speakers had followed one another in the interval of 40 minutes. At the end of this common platform, I took the floor (we were hardly numerous, and a booth next to us had a loud sound), to challenge their view of the situation, which left untold the fact that horrific massacres were perpetrated by fanatical mercenaries funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and logistically supported by NATO and allied intelligence services. The reaction of the tenants of the exhibition stand was expressive: first time one of them took me gently by the arm and asked me to leave. As I protested the procedure, they had me faced with a "militant of the FSA" which during 10 minutes had re-drummed into me the official version. I had not unfortunately being able to answer him in a developed manner. While I patiently listened to his speech, I could not, in response, say more than three sentences. A chorus of boos was ignited. Some people had felt the need to interrupt me, visibly moved and out of reason. Feeling that it would be difficult for me to express myself, I had left, loudly accompanied by a song they had suddenly started to sing in chorus and at the top of the voice.
The full article is below.
Robert Smith O'Ghobhain
Sarnia, Ontario

Christians of Syria: The Organized Lie of The French Media
by François Belliot

In this his second study François Belliot shows how the French press gave the floor almost exclusively to an Italian priest to denounce "Bashar", even though all the Christian bishops and patriarchs of Syria supports him. It is of course an example of media bias in the NATO countries, the priest has been invited identically to North America and Europe. Christian press has not escaped the colonial game, its journalists are the same as those of profane organs.
It exist many ways to show that Syria is the victim since two years of intense propaganda campaign to persuade the Nato opinion of the need to arm the opposition and overthrow Bashar al-Assad, "the ignoble dictator-that-torture-and-killing-his-own-people ". We can evoke the sham that is the alleged Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH), we can report stories that go in the opposite direction to the official version, you can go back in history and see that the current destabilization of Syria from abroad is in a very old dynamic (Sykes-Picot, 1916) that the current crisis is only the last step, we can make a comparison with other propaganda campaigns that led to reversals of Heads of State on the basis of false evidence (Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi), we can evoke the game of alliances of Syria with Hezbollah and Iran, which interferes with Israel's expansionist ambitions and itself opposed to the remodeling plan by the United States of the widened “Middle East", we can highlight the oil and gas interests in the region, which make Syria all the more covetable that its fossil energy resources remain largely to exploit.
You can also point the magnifying glass on some of the characters highlighted in the commercial media. The propaganda to be credible leans on witnesses of choice, often the minority in the camp they are supposed to represent. In comparison, other people tending to be larger and more representative, are systematically excluded from the stage or defamed without having the opportunity to defend themselves in the open media.
The case of Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, supposed to represent the views of Christians in Syria, omnipresent in the big commercial media in the last autumn, and again in this May 2013, unlike other more representative personalities, allows to demonstrate in a irrefutable way that the treatment of the Syrian crisis by the commercial NATO media is almost entirely deceitful and directed.
The story I will tell begins with a conference in Paris last September.
September 25 was held in the ballroom of the Town Hall of the twentieth district of Paris, a conference entitled "Perspectives on Syria." It featured a single speaker, Father Paolo Dall'Oglio. It was scheduled to last two hours, one hour of speech for the father Paolo followed by an hour of discussion with the audience.
Accustomed for months to spend every morning in front of this city hall, I had necessarily noticed an immense banner which covered the facade, and which called by a biased way to the end of the massacres in Syria. The mayoress of the XXth district, Frédérique Calandra had obviously chosen her camp: that of the "opposition", against that of the "regime of Bashar el Assad ".
I knew more or less what to expect when I went to this event, but it was still a good opportunity to hear from someone who had lived long in Syria and that could give the point of view of a direct witness confirming the official version.
I had never heard of Father Paolo Dall'Oglio. His name had escaped me in the flow of daily news on Syria, and the independent media there, themselves had paid little attention.
The community hall of the town hall of the twentieth was very busy, 300 people by quesswork. Strictly speaking it was not a conference, but a game of questions and answers between a journalist and father Paolo. There was therefore no "Viewpoints", as suggested in the title of the conference, but the "view" of the father Paolo, who was not afflicted with any esotropia. The journalist is completely committed to the cause of the father, there was no opponent in the "crossover".
I began to take notes. The room was poorly soundproofed and father Paolo, in addition to express himself in a sometimes uncertain French was hard to follow in his presentation. He paid tribute to the Tunisian Revolution and the Egyptian revolution, more generally, the Arab Spring, in which naturally formed part, according to him, the Syrian revolution. He insisted on the systematic practice of torture and imprisonment of opponents by the "regime of Bashar al-Assad”. He congratulated himself on having in June 2011 sounded the alarm: "the regime" was built entirely on lies, that was part of its DNA.
Twice he compared those who questioned the official version of the Syrian revolution to those who questioned the official version of the genocide of the Jews, and he likened to Holocaust denial and a disease of the mind. He explained that the denial of the official version was due to the extreme left and extreme right forces, coalition for the occasion. He castigated the role of Russia, which put regularly vetos in UN Resolutions against Syria, because she wrongly thought of having been fooled on the Libyan affair, previous year, and on the Kosovo affair, a few years ago.

He explained, although he is a priest and by religous nature opposed to the use of force, although it was however necessary to arm the rebels (by not making a mistake on the recepients) and that there was a duty of intervention to intervene in Syria.
He paid a diatribe on the Voltaire Network, he seemed to hold (since it is the only independent press which he named) for the principle responsible for the disinformation campaign on Syria, he denied absolutely fact that there could be an alliance between Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France and the United Kingdom (I add Turkey and Jordan that he omitted in his list), to destabilize Syria. And if the UN could not solve the problem ... it was a plot theory circulated by "the regime" to hide its abuses, it became urgent to "disregard international law."

To be fair, the journalist dared to ask a crucial question: how he, a Christian priest what's more, could he call to arm the opposition? Was this not a fundamental contradiction? A member of the public relayed this concern. This question was asked in the preamble, and the father Paolo replied with some of the arguments that I have listed. I pass over the question and answer session that followed. They were for the most part extremely consensual, and much in the same vein more persuasive than convincing than Father Paolo had used.
I remember in particular a lady exploding on a hysterical tone: "What are you waiting for? The gas chambers? Christ was the first martyr! There are thousands of Christs in Syria!" She had without doubt read the disinformation chronicle of Carolina Fourest in the edition of the Monde February 25, 2012, suggesting that Iran had provided a crematorium furnace in Syria that "would turn already at full speed" in the region of Aleppo.

The only little dissent question was asked by a woman who pointed to the eventual responsibility of foreign powers in destabilizing Syria. She was able to express herself but was the only one that is urged to give back the microphone as she unfolded her speech. She was mocked by father Paolo, without any argument, accused of practicing hodge-podge, while he himself had done just that during his speech.
When the conference was over, I found the Syrians challenging the official version, I had the opportunity to meet some at various events and we met for a drink in a brewery of the Gambetta Place.
I inquired about the personnage and they made me a short presentation, which I supplement with certain useful details:
Paolo Dall'Oglio is a religious Italian Jesuit born in Rome in 1954. After passing through Lebanon in 1982, he discovered the Deir Mar Musa monastery in Syria and decided to devote his life to its restoration. In 1992 he founded a joint ecumenical religious community that promotes Christian-Muslim dialogue. In line with this approach, he published, in 2009, Lovers of Islam, believing in Jesus. When the troubles began in early 2011, he takes a stand with the opposition, going as far as asking publicly that we supply them weapons.
In June 2012, at the request of all the churches of Syria and the government, his visa was not renewed and he must leave the country. Since then, the man was very heavily reflected in commercial mass media (New York Times, Le Figaro, etc..) And was received by the highest authorities of various states involved in the conflict on the side of Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Turkey.
There each then went of his story, involving either his personal experience in France or in Syria, is one aspect of the conference.
One of the Syrians had informed me he had raised his hand to ask a question (that inevitably would not go in the direction of the organizers of the conference), and then he was shown of the finger by one of the organizers, with a prohibited sign. The man was intervened in similar circumstances and had been identified as an annoying protestor of the single official thinking, that they should accordinly contain or silence. Instruction was so giving to prevent him to speak.
Then I remembered that this was not the first time I was confronted with this kind of censorship, and I reported what had happened at the Festival of Humanity.
I walked in the "International Village" of the Festival of Humanity, I had entered, curious, into a "Syrian" exhibition stand. It was a group of people supporting the official version of NATO and al-Jazeera. They called for mobilization against Bashar al-Assad, invoked the duties of the "international community," the necessity for "right of humanitarian intervention." Four speakers had followed one another in the interval of 40 minutes. At the end of this common platform, I took the floor (we were hardly numerous, and a booth next to us had a loud sound), to challenge their view of the situation, which left untold the fact that horrific massacres were perpetrated by fanatical mercenaries funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and logistically supported by NATO and allied intelligence services. The reaction of the tenants of the exhibition stand was expressive: first time one of them took me gently by the arm and asked me to leave. As I protested the procedure, they had me faced with a "militant of the FSA" which during 10 minutes had re-drummed into me the official version. I had not unfortunately being able to answer him in a developed manner. While I patiently listened to his speech, I could not, in response, say more than three sentences. A chorus of boos was ignited. Some people had felt the need to interrupt me, visibly moved and out of reason. Feeling that it would be difficult for me to express myself, I had left, loudly accompanied by a song they had suddenly started to sing in chorus and at the top of the voice.
The managers of this pavillion were none other than the organizers of this conference on 29 September, named Suria Houria (Freedom Syria). In the practice of censorship and disregard for freedom of expression, we are dealing here with an undeniable consistency. Those people who criticized the murderer regime, disinformers, who agonized of Voltaire Network insults, of hodge-podge and unfounded accusations, that called naively to the moral obligation of humanitarian intervention, to achieve their ends, do not hesitate to sort public questions of their conferences, and refused to debate with people who have a different point of view than their own (while letting the hysterical reactions of the kind of woman I reported above). And when they were obliged to respond, they immediately got angry, made comparisons with the holocaust denial, cut off the speech, or began to group intoning of chants.
I remember at one point in the Paolo dall'Oglio conference, they felt to start the same song with which they had celebrated my flight. However, they were no longer together and the initiative was moved. Few followed (and understood) by the 300 assistants, they were silent after a few syllables.
One must stop a little about this Suria Houria association, which supports blindly, with minimal arguments and dubious practices, the official version relayed by the corporate media. This association since its inception in May 2011 of all actions and events organized in France calling for the downfall of the regime. During a day of support at Place de la Bourse, we heard one of its members at the stand bragging that now they brewed millions. It was at the center of the "Train to the freedom of the Syrian people," last December 12, that took French citizens and parliamentarians in Paris to meet the European Parliament in Strasbourg. It was at the heart of the rigged debate organized at the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) on February 24 in which a member of Suria Houria hissed violently at a person who spoke to challenge the official version. Finally, it is this association that is driving the "White Wave for Syria" engine, "international event (launched) Friday, March 15 during the two years of the "Syrian revolution" that massively will relay the usual organs of the propaganda NATO war: TV5 Monde, BFM TV, France 24, LCP, in partnership with Le Nouvel Observateur, Libération, Mediapart, Rue89, Radio France.
The Suria Houria Association was founded in May 2011 by Hala Kodmani, Franco-Syrian journalist who worked in France for 30 years and she has until recently held the presidency. Hala Kodmani was editor of France 24 October 2006 to September 2008 and charged with the Syria section at the newspaper Libération during much of the crisis in this country for 2 years. But the central role she plays in the Syrian protest in France was mainly due to the influence of her sister Bassma Kodmani, who participated in the founding of the Syrian National Council launched in October 2011 in Istanbul. Bassma Kodmani is considered the main representative of U.S. interests in this organization. It is charming (apart from the obvious conflicts of interest), ot notice that at the same time where the opposition claimed that "Bashar has no right to be president of Syria since he inherited power from his father !", the Kodmani sisters (who represent strictly nothing for the Syrian people) do what they denounce in word in itself distributing the family connection roles within the "rebellion" in France.
The Syrians with whom I discussed, this place Gambetta September 25, defending a position at odds with that of Suria Houria and the government and the French media.
The discussion obviously opened on the situation in Syria and our curious lecturer in his cassock. This man represents nothing, as it was asserted to me. He does not represent in any way the Christians of Syria, who mostly support (like the rest of the Syrian people) the Assad government, and for good reason, with the Alawites, Christians from the beginning of the conflict was a prime target for Islamist mercenaries.
They reported to me various abuses committed by the mercenaries all the more horrible than some of the others and that showed, at least, the presentation of the Syrian crisis by Father Paolo Dall'Oglio was an illegitimate caricature and lacks any nuance. Given the nature of these inspiring stories, it is easy to understand why we never hear about in the corporate media. They were so strong and so numerous that the propagation of comments even in passing would be a fatal blow to Nato propaganda.
When I got home I decided to devote myself more fully to the history of this curious priest, and I start on an internet search.
There is little question of the father Paolo dall'Oglio before his depature of Syria in June 2012, for non-renewal of visas. We noted an article in the August 10, 2011 Pèlerin favorably entitled « En Syrie la parole se libère » ("In Syria speech frees itself."). Disorders agitate the country since the end of March. He has just published with a dozen secular and religious Syrians an entitled contribution "Consensual Democracy For National Unity," in which he called for the putting in place of "a system to bring Syria into a parliamentary democracy. Because democracy is the only way to put an end to the bloodshed and uphold human rights, which are universal: all, we are from the East or the West, we find ourselves in this humanist idea." The man does not even call to “arm the opposition", but as some members of the group openly call to "the fall of the regime", he is snubbed by the authorities and the various Christian churches disapprove of his initiative. January 8, 2012, Rue 89 published an article by Nadia Braendel entitled "Mar Musa, a monastery took in the revolution." Father Paolo is presented as an "icon of the protest." It is learned that the father Paolo was able to stay in Syria despite an expulsion sent to the bishop of Homs. He pledged not to take a political position. Ms. Braendel nevertheless reports the following ambiguous comments: "An Arabic and western peaceful intervention force will be needed maybe, because today there are 100000 Syrians ready to kill, and 100000 who will take revenge. The two camps are blocked." On 21 May 2012 the RMC.fr website published a compacent article by Nicolas Ledain entitled "Syria: Religious Christian making a resistance”. The journalist recounts the problems faced by the religious of Mar Musa, threatened and looted by unidentified armed groups, and closes his article by making a comparison with the situation of monks of Tibhérine in 1996.
You can not even tell where the father Paolo has a place in the coverage of events in Syria. It is his expulsion from Syria the next month that will kick off an impressive media campaign in several countries. This expulsion is recounted in Le Point of June 16. Very bitter, Father Paolo said: "It is my body which left Syria."
As Paul in his time, Father Paolo takes his missionary baton and funded we do not knowhow, began a series of trips to NATO area (Europe and North America), during which he will dispense widely the good word calling at the fall of the "regime" in Syria, where arming if needed the opposition. I He takes a long tour that will take him to the United States, Canada, Italy, France and Belgium. At each of these passages, the testimony of Father Paolo been a massive and unanimously laudatory media coverage.
I am mainly interested in the study to his visit to France in September.
The start of this campaignis launched by our Foreign Secretary personally. Invited to the Quai d'Orsay by Laurent Fabius, our priest has the honor and the privilege to be able to hold a press conference of 20 minutes in his company. It presents him as "a renowned person" and "well informed", and after these laudatory propulsions gives him the floor. Did the Father Paolo know it then that he stood by the side of a man who had unduly expelled the Syrian ambassador after the massacres of Hula, which have been corrupted by media lies? Did he know that he was, him, the claimed "peace man", next to the one who had called up one-month earlier, in a indirect way, in the murder of the Syrian president, and who was going to bring his resolute support, on November 12th, in puppet Syrian national Coalition ( CNS) inaugurated at Doha, capital of one of the most unegalitarian dictatorships of the world, Qatar? This welcome spotlight launches the media campaign. The next day, 12 September 2012, he is interviewed on France Inter, and RTL by Yves Calvi, and articles are dedicate to him in La Croix and Le Parisien.
On 24 September, two blogs in Le Monde and Médiapart announce the holding of the conference in the village hall of the Town Hall of the twentieth district of Paris. On September 25, the International Mail published a long interview (now is no longer accessible on the ConspiracyWatch site). On September 26, the free daily 20 Minutes dedicate to him an article, and it is a long interview on France 24. On September 27, the Express wrote an article in which he is presented as "the conscience of the revolution”. September 28 it is Pélerin that relays his positions calling for arming the opposition. On September 30, it is a long interview by RFI.
We see that this media coverage concentrates around two peaks: the press conference held in common with Laurent Fabius at the Quai d'Orsay at the beginning of September, and its second passage in France after a tour in Belgium which peaked on September 18th with the meeting to the parliament of two vice-presidents of this institution : Gianni Pittella and Isabelle Durant. It was on this occasion, September 29, he was invited by the Suria Houria association to hold a conference in the village hall of the Town Hall of the twentieth district of Paris.
As the media have the habit to give massive coverage over several days to some events, and once the hype is effected, they move on then, never more to speak, most people who follow the news in the mainstream media have probably forgotten this unique window enjoyed by Father Paolo. However, when we take stock of this coverage, it is clear that around these dates, it was difficult to escape the character if you opened a newspaper, turned on a radio station or television.
It should be added that he was very well treated by the media. Not a false note (as in the discussion at the Arab World Institute on February 24) in the chorus of praise and demonization of Bashar al-Assad. And if some still show a little restraint, most take everything he says at face value and to him benefit fully.
While I am finalizing this study, I discover that father Paolo honors us with the third stay, so committed as the precedents, and so massively covered by the big media. His adventures would be incomplete if I omitted this new episode which consolidates my demonstration.
The business never worked so well for the father Paolo dall' Oglio. Since September 2012, he had time to hone and sharpen his speech, but also to write a book of testimony about his perception of events in Syria. This book, The Rage and the Light, co-authored with Eglantine Gabaix-Halie and published by Editions de l'Atelier, is obviously welcomed at this time by all major media which are scrambling again to hear him spit venom and promote the masterpiece.
On May 1 he is interviewed on France info: on May 2, along with Hala Kodmani on France Culture, May 3, by Armelle Charrier on France 24, May 5, on France Inter, with Jean-Pierre and Filiu Fabrice Weissman (two intervenants of the rigged debate IMA February 24), May 7, in The Life by Henrik Lindell. On May 8th, the site Souria Houria publishes the program of father Paolo dall' Oglio during this new stay in France. We learn that the man began a tour through France: May 16 panel discussion at the Centre Sèvres in Paris; on May 21 panel discussion organized in Lyon with Hospitality Saint-Antoine, May 22 conference- debate in Nimes with Siloam library; May 27 conference organized by Suria Houria in Paris on May 28 in Strasbourg, meeting at the Kleber library. On May 9, Pèlerin makes appear the interesting excerpts of his book testimony, a ccompanied by a idealized portrait.
Really, the story of Father Paolo is a real success story, although, as we shall see later, all Christian leaders in Syria who dispute the official version are totally ignored or seriously defamed, he in each of his visits is hosted by the major French media (known as everyone knows for their integrity and independence) as the messiah, and treated as such. They pull on the father Paolo, to the point that one wonders if he has time to do his prayers.
This third passage in France confirms in a sensational way the impression left by its first two stays in September, 2012.
Beyond the exceptional media coverage from which benefited in each of his passages, is of the highest interest the content of the speeches of father Paolo Dall' Oglio. If the man is often vague and hard to follow, if we pay it attention we notice that his speech articulates around a constant number of positions, that it defends every time in the same way. To be more precise, his speech still remarkably glue to the official version of the Western media of the NATO area.
Almost in each of his interventions, father Paolo uses what Viktor Dedaj calls in an article of Grandsoir.info of July 10th, 2012 of " ideological tazzers ". An ideological tazzer is an argument the function of which is to return any impossible debate by placing his opponent in front of charges of such a gravity as they can strike him psychically and make him disabled in the subsequent debate. In this case the father Paolo never hesitates to wield supreme ideological Tazzer namely the charge of holocaust denial and comparison with the official version of the genocide of Jews during World War II, those who question the official version of the bloody events of Syria (it is "Bashar" and his militiamen who murder massively their own people by not hesitating to resort to the dirtiest and the most reprehensible means), are the same that those who questioning the official version of this event.
The Express so relates: "he evokes confusedly the Voltaire network and the Christian or Muslim ecclesiastical persons in charge who, according to him, give the religious word to the State lie, deny the revolution and reduce it to a fact of security connected to the terrorism. This is an incredible holocaust denial, he adds, which is the fact of identity to the extreme right and anti-imperialist left. Those who denied the Holocaust deny the Syrian revolution!" We find the same position in the interview published in the Courrier International: "In the end, it is not surprising that the lastest allies objective of the Syrian regime are those who have always denied the genocide of the Jewish people, and today, deny the revolution of the Syrian people." And La Libre Belgique: "I also want to know why the proponents of European denial of the Holocaust, from the extreme traditionalist Catholic, anti-imperialist and anti-American, anti-capitalist and Stalinist allies to are now on the side of the Syrian denial and are sensitive to the siren Agnes" (Sister Agnes-Mariam of the Cross, I will talk about this member of a religious order below). I also remember very well that the father Paolo had this comparison at the conference on February 24 at the town hall of the twentieth, and a key member of this association, when I was supposed to discuss with them the Festival Humanity had used the same tazzer.
Father Paolo also seems to take advantage because in our societies of the entertainment of Europe and North America, exists the second ideological tazzer which can turn out to be very effective, although by means of lies it tends to wear thin. Its propagated in the media and, on the rebound, in the daily conversations goes back about to September 11 attacks, it is about the concept of plot theory. As compared with the revisionists of Nuremberg is a charge that is usually uttered in order to cut short any conversation, usually to prevent what would be to start. In support of its comparison with the revisionists Nuremberg, Father Paolo expresses frequently that those who doubt the media version of the events of Syria roam lost in a labyrinth of lies and plots: We face a lie, according to which there is no revolution, but Syria which defends itself against a Saudi, Zionist or western plot, and fight against the Islamic terrorism. " We speak about a big agreement between the United States, Israel, Al-Qaeda, the salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab League, with the aim of bringing down the last Arab state which has not capitulated in front of the Zionist project yet and did not give up fighting the imperialism... It is obvious that at this level, it is difficult to discuss. "
The taking of positions of this kind abound, for this point I restrict myself to these two quotes.
Extract Express quoted above already gives an idea: Thierry Meyssan is a prime target of Father Paolo Dall'Oglio. If he does not speak about it at each intervention, Thierry Meyssan and the Voltaire Network are indeed one of the few people and one of the few independent media that the priest called, and condemns and insults to show to his public the archetype of the disgusting and reprehensible position, the embodiment of the journalistic leading astray. Here's what he said in Le Figaro: "This thesis is relayed in Europe by people like Thierry Meyssan and his Voltaire Network, this factory with lies paid by I do not know much that (note, we can return the question) ... This is a Holocaust denier who lives in a virtual world." Or in La Libre Belgique: "Understanding the denial mechanism against this revolution seems to me very important. Voltaire Network is unequivocal and total paranoia. They are in the room of power. They are part of the ideological structure and the crisis of the regime. You must read interviews with Thierry Meyssan (note: the founder of Voltaire Network) in Syrian newspapers. I hope that the end of the regime will also be an end to him - not the physical end - but his end as a peddler of state lies and denial.” We shall appreciate the ponderousness of style. At the conference of 29 September, it was the same delivery to a diatribe against Voltaire Network.
It is important to note, as this kind of comparisons, Paolo dall'Oglio never underpins its anathemas of any fact or of any argument. He calls names, incites hatred, sends to hell, then moves on, sometimes jumping from one thing to another. In terms of media effectiveness, efficiency of the process is well established. For over 10 years the Voltaire Network is the most defamed France association. A long undermining was diligently achieved by the big commercial media to it. Most French people still do not take enough time to check the reliability of the information provided by the media, have a very bad image (and absolutely unfounded, it is needless to say) of Thierry Meyssan and Voltaire Network, who became like the holocaust deniers of Nuremberg, the ultimate foils with which most people fear as being the AIDS involved.
In the Gospel according to Luke (6/41-42) reads "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, and you do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 42 Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when you yourself do not see the beam that is in thine own eye? Hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote that is in thy brother's eye." Father Paolo constantly violates the New Testament precept in his defense it may be a tree rather than a beam that blocks his view. Or he sees perfectly clear, and is to the Christianity what the French Socialists are to the values ​​on the left.
His third visit to France forced me to update my analysis. The few months that he spent outside France did not apparently do good to father Paolo dall' Oglio, which now reaches summits in the resentful ragings and denier frenzies.
In time the speech of father Paolo became more radical, as if, noticing the boulevards which are opened to him by all the official media of the NATO zone, the total impunity of which it benefits in the display of its lies, its slanders, and its incitements in the hatred, he could allow everything itself at the moment. Maybe also the man is furious of noticing that the on-the-spot situation settles hardly, that this regime which he hates continues to hold, what delays of so much his return to Mar Moussa.

Pursuing his crazy headlong rush, Father Paolo now goes very, very far in taking his positions. Islamist mercenaries linked to al Qaeda? "In my conversations with them, I recognized the men and women who have a religious passion, a religious sentiment that I share. These are people mad but loving justice. Collectively they feel persecuted, attacked and denied. So they are in a hyper reactivity victimhood psychology that leads them to commit crimes." The timidity of the positions taken by the Catholic Church in Syria? “I would add that there is political corruption, sexual, which is hiding behind the submission to power. This is part of a system of co-optation by submission to an authoritarian system." Christians who do not share his point of view? These are "Islamophobic Christians." Can we talk to Assad? "Would you have agreed to talk with Hitler in 1944?" What about terrorism in Syria? "I propose to dispense with the word "terrorism”. You must use "revolutionary." The possible use of chemical weapons by Assad "How not to believe it? If anyone can send ballistic missiles which remove one hectare of town, if someone can send bombs on the Syrian population without qualms, why would there be a problem to use chemical weapons?" He dares to say that, while it is now clear that fighters of the Front al-Nosra used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians in a village on the outskirts of Aleppo.
As I suggested it by introducing these leitmotivs of his speeches and repartees, it is obvious that father Paolo does not express a personal opinion there, but that obviously, he relays in a systematic way copied elements of language stuck by the arguments of the media of the NATO zone. He will never deviate, and I could go into much more detail. The most significant indication of this coincidence seems to me this finess with which our prelate, who takes care only of Syrian business(affairs) for 30 years, relays the argument pointing the association between extreme left and extreme right in the denunciation in the official version hammered in NATO zone, which is a construction of the French commercial media to compromise any little bit different point of view (this famous myth of red-browns, popularized by "journalists" as Ornella Guyet, and "intellectuals" as Bernard-Henry Levi)
It is remarkable that journalists providing these interviews of convenience or were writing articles in his glory, often took care to emphasize that the point of view of Father Paolo was very small, that the Christians of Syria, mostly, do not want the overthrow of the regime they saw as a bulwark against extremist mercenaries from abroad.
We could wonder then: if the opinion of father Paolo was so minority, why he benefited from a so massive and " diversified " media coverage, and it while no other testimony of member of a religious order knowing well Syria, living there, or having lived there, was ever reported.
Three explanations possible for this extraordinary focus of the media on this character.
1.Father Paolo is one of the few lucid Syrian Christians. All others, as he maintains, are poisoned by the propaganda of "the regime". The media due to relay heavily and exclusively this testimony

2. Father Paolo is one of the least lucid Christians of Syria. He understands nothing in what takes place on the spot, but chose this trench position because of the immense bitterness that he feels of having to leave a sacred place which he contributed to raise, and in which he lived during 30 years.
3. Father Paolo dall' Oglio is completely lucid; when he launches his deafening and slanderous statements, he knows that he lies, he knows that his incitements in the hatred are unfounded and that by uttering them he betrays Christ, he knows that his analysis of the situation is false and directed, but for reasons which remain to clear up (and probably not very catholic), it is the way of the lie and the hatred for which he opted.


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